Posted by: kristabella | May 28, 2007

Looooong Weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I’m sure you all had exciting plans. And figured I must have too because I haven’t posted. And must be out rubbing elbows with the well-to-do.

Well, if you figured that then you’d be wrong. So very, very wrong. Saturday I didn’t even change out of my pajamas. Plus, I don’t want to touch anyone’s elbow.

I actually had some things going on after work last week (season finales, wine bars, too much wine at book club) which left me with little time (read: too drunk) to post. I’m used to having the whole effing day to post. But now I’m supposed to work all day? And then come home and make dinner and all that householdy shit that people do after 5 PM? And get up before 10 AM? W-T-F people?

So of course I took this long weekend to get some well needed rest. I worked five whole days, people! Thank God they threw a holiday in honor of me today so I only have four days this coming week. (And we’re going to the Cubs game Friday afternoon, so really 3 1/2. Hee! New job rules!)

I had a full weekend of eating! And sleeping! And watching ABC Family movies! And other movies that all seemed to star Hayden Panettierre (aka chick from Heroes or little girl from Remember the Titans.) (Seriously, she was in this made-for-TV sequel to Bring it On and then they showed Ice Princess last night, which she was in, and she was also in Raising Helen. And here I thought she did nothing after Titans and then freaking got cast in Heroes. Silly me.)

Oh, and I saw Shrek 3 Sunday night. It was really funny. But people, I am easily entertained. So if you didn’t like it, I don’t want to hear it. Because you know what? Justin Timberlake’s voice is in it. Swoon.

I did some shopping for some new work clothes. Because apparently I haven’t bought anything remotely attractive since I was 22. (That’s actually assuming I bought cute clothes when I was 22. Which I’m sure I didn’t.) Probably because it was so cold at my job last summer that I wore a jacket all day. And really didn’t care what shirt I put on. Match smatch.

And then I bought cat food. Because the cats? Had none! And they tried to eat my pinky toe. Right off! After a WHOLE 10 minutes with an empty bowl. For fuck’s sake, cats, you can go an hour without food. Drink some water. You’re probably just dehydrated. (Cause that makes your brain think you’re hungry when you’re not. Seriously. Next time you’re craving a snack, drink some water and wait like 10 minutes. This has been your public service announcement.) (And no, I am not a doctor. So if it doesn’t work for you? Shut the fuck up. Because I’m just trying to help. And fill all this white space.)

And then today I had lunch with a friend, came home did some laundry and downloaded the new Maroon 5 CD. And then listened to it over and over again. With some daydreams in between of Adam Levine climbing three fucking flights of stairs just to come into my apartment. To cook me bacon. Because I wanted BLTs for dinner and didn’t want to cook the bacon. And he’s kind of a skinny man and he could use a damn sammich with bacon.

And what’s that saying about idle hands? And this is why I should not be left alone with my thoughts. Because if Adam walks up three damn flights of stairs, he better be doing more than cooking me meat. (I really couldn’t resist. It was too easy.)

Oh and WordPress added colors! Now I don’t have to do the code myself when I want to change the color.

‘Bout damn time.



  1. From what I hear, if Adam Levine was cooking you bacon, he’d probably be cooking your friend something else with his other hand. 🙂

  2. That would be fine. Nothing goes better with meat and Adam Levine than more meat.

  3. i saw shrek on sunday too. it’s like we were on a date, but in different states.

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