Posted by: kristabella | May 23, 2007

I Know!

No posts. I know. And this sure as hell doesn’t count.

But tonight was season finale of Lost. (Best. Episode. Ever.) And American Idol. (Stupid FOX ran over and my DVR cut it off. Right before the announcement. Why else would I watch that parade of crap? AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!) And the Real World Denver reunion. And the sleepy tiredness of the working and the thinking and the showering. Who knew it was so exhausting? Oh, and it’s fucking 90 degrees.

And tomorrow night is book club. And Jen’s coming. To OUR book club. And I’m going apeshit already! There will be many, many open mouth, insert foot moments. Or talking into my wine glass. Because I am an idiot.

So whatever. Keep checking. There will be new posts at some point. At least ones worth reading.



  1. At the risk of being an ass, you could have set your DVR from 8:55 to 9:15 or whatever to catch the announcement. You watched the parade of crap because you wanted to. 🙂

  2. Actually, my dual DVR had things to record. It was already taping 2 things from 8:55 to 9:15. (Lost and Idol/Real World) Which is why there was no room for overrun. So no, you’re wrong.

    And to be honest, Lost was WAY more important.

    And I just went to to find out who won.

  3. Did Lost leave your mouth just hanging open and asking a million questions!?!

  4. You should have watched the “parade of crap”, Senor. Green Day was on to murder John Lennon all over again.

  5. So You THink You Can Dance starts tonight!!!

  6. I’m not embarrassed to admit I watched the parade of crap. And I even LIKED some of it! Like the bush baby. I could watch the bush baby all day.

    I’m jealous of your book club!!!

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