Posted by: kristabella | May 21, 2007

What’s A Really Exaggerated, Whiny Word For Exhausted?

Because that’s what I am. I. Am. Beet.

(See, I’m so fucking tired that I just laughed for a minute about being a red vegetable.)

So did you know that today was my first day at my new job? Did you? No? Oh. Well, it was. Funny. I could have sworn I mentioned it.

It went really well. I’ll get that out of the way before I start with the tiny violins.

It only took me like 35 minutes to get there. (Which? Woo to the hoo!) Which means that I had to drive around the “hood” and kill like 25 minutes. Which probably is fine for most of your work ‘hoods. But mine is THE hood. I drove past the f’ing Cook County Jail, people. (I think it was the same one Tank Johnson was in. But I can’t be too sure. I drove too fast to see anything but those towers and barbed wire and a blur as I ran red lights to get away from there. I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t like to be near jails. They don’t put jails in posh neighborhoods for a reason.)

(And how funny that I drove past a jail when I made that comment about jail yesterday.) (And no, that didn’t send me into a fit of laughter. Apparently only redish purpley vegetables can do that.) (Except radishes.)

So work is fine. But they didn’t have my computer for me after I got upstairs after the HR orientation. And they didn’t have the computer for me ALL DAY. Wah wah.

We’ve all had first days at a new job. (I’ve apparently had more than the majority in the last 2 years.) You know how boring and exhausting it is. There is so much being thrown at you. And meetings. And meeting people who you’ll never remember what their name is tomorrow. And there is always down time. When they aren’t quite sure what to do with you. Because they have actual work to do. In those moments, you usually tend to dick around on the computer. Pretend to set your new email signature. When actually, you’re surfing the Interweb and sending personal emails.

I didn’t have that luxury today. So I read a lot of brochures. And newsletters. And counting the speckles on my cube wall. (1,875.)

And normally that would totally be fine. But when your brain is used to totally checking out when shit gets that boring and exhausting, needless to say I had a hard time staying awake in meetings. I’ve got like Cat Nap Narcolepsy or something.

I think the only thing that kept me awake was that my feet were KILLING me. I wore these new shoes. And I did a lot of walking. We have more than one building. So I took the tour of all tours (and our own cafeteria! Score!) in the morning. And then I wasn’t able to walk in those shoes for the rest of the day. And I don’t know that my toes will ever recover. But hey, they looked cute!

Siriously, though. It was a really good day. Everyone is great. I can’t wait to get down and dirty and know what the hell is going on. (I hate not knowing what I’m doing. And learning a completely different industry. But I learned dirt. I can learn me this.) (Yes, Jenn, I meant to put a me in there.) And I’m happy to be back in a job where people say words like “write” and “design” and “plan” and “we could use you to proof this” (actually, right now, you probably don’t. But give me a few days) and “photo library” and “communications.”

Stick to what what you know. And what you’re good at.

And can someone please shut up those damn violins? Enough already. Geesh.




  1. Yeah, I hate first days. It’s such a fine line between not having enough to do and being a slacker that first day. And meetings=sleep for me no matter what, haha.

  2. I’m sure you’re glad that your first day is over with…sounds like this place will be a good fit for you.
    I didn’t know you had to go past County Jail??????? Although, you’re probably safer there with all the cops around than you are in any other part of the city.
    Always with the radishes…..

  3. did you make out with anybody? no? shocking!

  4. Glad it went well!

  5. I take it that this time around you won’t be sharing your blog with co-workers?

  6. Thanks for pointing out the intentional poor grammar. But, really, it makes me feel purposeful to not only read the blog daily, but to “help” you out by editing it too!! (I meant to put two of these “!”)

    Glad it went well!

  7. The fear of another first day of work has been the one thing that has kept me at my job for seven years 🙂 Yay for surviving your first day!

  8. They sounds refreshingly normal, esp. the lingo… Proof reading?! Did you tell them you’re a proof-reading n…, I mean guru? 😉

  9. Obviously I can’t proof my own damn blog comments… shoulda written, “they sound…” Don’t even start on me, proof woman.

  10. Lori, why did you leave a Dr. Scholls link in there? For my bad shoes?

    It was more of a blister issue. Why I’ve had band-aids on my 2 big toes the last 2 days. But thanks! 🙂

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