Posted by: kristabella | May 17, 2007

Right Where I Belong

So Wednesday was my unofficial first day at the new job. They asked me to attend a sales meeting for some of the sales reps from the company.

I know you were all wondering, but yes, I did get up before 6 AM and made it downtown in plenty of time. The public transportation Gods were smiling on me and I even got there like 20 minutes early. Actually, seeing as that means I could have had more time to sleep, I think the public transit Gods were playing a cruel, cruel joke on me.

Anyway, the meeting went really well. I met about 20 of the sales reps that were in town from all over the country. (And drank most of them under the table that night!) It was really informative and everyone seemed really cool. It was good to get a feel how their sales team works, since it is huge. Ginormous, if you will. The company I’m working for is big, big, big.

I’ve been to my fair share of sales meetings. The Dirt People had one at least once a year, usually more. And when I was with the Niners, the PR meetings are the same kind of thing. Getting together to network, see people you haven’t seen in awhile, discuss issues, talk about what’s upcoming. It’s all the same. And all sales meetings involve lots of booze.

The last one I went to was with Consulting People. Back in Seattle. Remember? Overall, the meeting part of it was good. But as you’ll see in that old post, I felt a little out of my element. IT consulting was is such a foreign world to me. And some of the people were different than the sales people I had been used to dealing with. They are all nice people, but something just didn’t feel right with me on that trip. I based a lot on the fact it was like my second week on the job. And that I wasn’t comfortable with what I was doing yet at the time to bring anything to the table. Add that to the completely unnecessary sales training, and you have a not so fulfilling trip.

I can admit this now because it’s in the past. I couldn’t admit it then because I just couldn’t stomach it. But as I sat in that sales meeting in Seattle, I thought on a few occasions “I just made a huge mistake.” (Big mistake. Huge.) Something about it never seemed right. I loved the people in Chicago. And I worked my ass off and did a good job. But I always felt off kilter. I could never get into a routine. I thrive on routine. I wasn’t sleeping enough. Something just wasn’t right.

So getting fired, albeit for the DUMBEST reason ever, was a good thing. I said it then when it happened. Everything happens for a reason. And I needed to get out of there. I needed to be in my element.

Sitting in that sales meeting with new company felt right. I felt like I had a clue. I have absolutely no clue about what we make or what we do, but it’s right. And I’m going to enjoy working with these people. And everything just screamed at me “RIGHT DECISION!”

And they had a group dinner that night. You’ll never guess where it was. Nope, not in Slalom’s offices. Because um, that would be weird.

None other than Howl at the Moon. Yes. The same place I was at Friday night. And now the bartenders think I’m stalking them.

And I’m sure you’ll all be happy to know that I fit right in with these people. Alcohol Unites, bitches. And you could put that on a T-shirt!



  1. Do you have your coat? You didn’t lose it, did you?

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