Posted by: kristabella | May 3, 2007

Booze Crooze

So when you’re on the verge of becoming a homeless person (no, not really), time becomes irrelevant. You no longer have to be up by a certain time or be anywhere. Your weeks turn into days on top of days on top of days of sitting around. (Well, actually, my life is always like that. But at least I got dressed and left every so often.) With interviews thrown in every now and then.

So drinking on a Wednesday night is completely acceptable. (Yesterday was Wednesday, right?) Because, really? I don’t have to get up on Thursday. I can sleep it off all day. And mostly I’m just excited to be doing something that involves something other than pajama pants and talking to the cats.

Back when I had a job, I bought tickets to go on a boat cruise on Lake Michigan with my friend Shelly. It was for charity, for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And it was all you can eat and drink for like $30. I was all over that. So this booze cruise was last night. I was pleased as punch that not only was I leaving the house! To see other people! Conversations! But that I didn’t have to go anywhere today. So I could drink! My money’s worth!

So since I stay inside all day. And the last time I was out was like Sunday, when it was like 85, I figured it was like that, right? (No, I am not this stupid. For one, I’ve turned into an old person and watch like 6 newscasts a day. For two, I read the paper. And for three, I go to And for four, I’m wearing a sweatshirt inside since I think it is still 85 out and the windows are open and it is clearly NOT 85.)

Well, I think it was 60 yesterday. Maybe. And windy as shit. But since I’m jobless, I’m not putting on heels if I don’t have to. So what did I wear to the boat? Boating attire. (Read flip flops.) Stupid girl!

As I walked to catch the bus to Shelly’s, I realized this was a horrible, horrible mistake. But there was no turning back. I also realized as I got to Shelly’s, which is right by the Lake, that it was FREEZING by the Lake! (Duh. And yes, I’m aware it’s always cooler by the Lake. Apparently talking to my cats has made me stupid. But it’s spring! It’s May! Am idiot!) (Oh, and did I mention with the flip flops, I was also wearing the thinnest shirt, which was short-sleeved. (Again, spring! May! 60 degrees! Idiot!) Oh, and a thin spring jacket. Slaps forehead at stupidity.)

The email from the outing people said that there was no dress code. And that the norm was business casual, since most people come right from work. Except me, of course.

Well, the email lied! LIARS! Because everyone in there was all dressed up. And trendy! And unemployed casual is a lot different than business casual and we were on A BOAT PEOPLE! I don’t think 3 1/2 inch stilettos are acceptable on a rocky ship!

Whatever, I was fine after my first glass of wine. And we stayed on the indoors part of the boat. So I was all warm and toasty. With a lovely Cabernet glow. And purple teeth.

And I’m hoping this headache goes away soon. And I could really go for a burrito right about now.



  1. Oh, how I wish you lived here and could cruise with me in this land-locked state (sure- 10,000 lakes, but they are small lakes)… I might never make it to work. GT2

    Yes, I know what you mean about thinking it’s warmer out than it really is… That shit’s happening to me. Yes, I might be THAT person that goes back to SF with light jackets and is forced to buy a stupid fleece with that horrible GG Bridge logo in the upper corner. Becoming a Midwesterner (again), I think it’s “warm out,”
    then remember these were the same temps I’d wear JEANS and a jacket for back on the Left Coast. I don’t know how it happens… but it does.

    I am losing my weather savvy. 😦

  2. Big difference from when you were a kid & the minute it got to be 50 degrees, you were HOT & wanted to wear shorts & a tank top, huh?
    This time of year always drives me crazy….it’s HOT in the office, cool & breezy outside cuz I’m “by the lake”….and sweaty hot in the neighborhood when I’m walking home from the bus at night. Ok, not sweaty hot for flip flops but sweaty hot that you don’t need the jacket on that you absolutely needed by the lake an hour before!

  3. Darn. Now I don’t know what kind of clothes to bring to Chicago next week – especially because I’ve been wearing flip flops here for over a month. It was 100 degrees last Sunday!

    JC – love the GT2 reference. haha.

  4. No matter how much thought I put into it, I NEVER end up dressing right for the weather.

    I bet there’s all kinds of good people-watching on a booze cruise!

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