Posted by: kristabella | April 29, 2007

El Endo Of The Weekend-O

I have nothing to say. But I should post. So I thought “Hmmm…” (yes, I thought Hmmmm…) “I’ll write about the weekend. Oh, and am so clever, will write title as what you call weekend in Spanish.”

What the fuck is weekend in Spanish? I know it translates to End of the Weekend (those Spanish speakers are so gosh darn clever.) But I’m drawing a blank as to what that exactly translates to.

Sabado Gigante? No. That’s Giant Saturday. Or Big Saturday. Whatever. It’s some show on Univision that I claimed to watch in high school Spanish class for homework. (Actually, I’m so fucking lazy that since we had to watch 30 minutes of Spanish television a week and translate, I’d watch 30 minutes of a soccer game. My essay was all “green grass, soccer players, Gooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllll!” Seriously.)

Anyway, as you can see, my weekend was all kinds of exciting. No, really.

Actually, I got my hair did on Saturday. I’d take photos, because it’s super cute, but you know how when you try to do your hair the first day after getting it done, it ends up all flat and nasty? No? Just me then? Well, anyway, it’s all flat and not looking super cute. So photos to come. But it’s muy cute-o.

(Why can’t I remember any Spanish? I took like 7 fucking years of the damn language. What is pretty?)

(Durr. BONITA! That I actually should know. Since it was Mr. Weiner’s award in marching band. Bow-neeeeeett-aaaahhh!)

EL FIN DE LA SEMANA!!!!! I knew I’d remember it. Must be all the beer I consumed tonight.

So, on with my fin de la semana. Saturday, hair. And I finally, FINALLY saw Borat. I rented it on pay-per-view. And boy howdy, am I glad I did. I really liked it. High-larious.

Today, it was summer in Chicago. It was in the 80s and sunny and that means any non-lazy person should get their non-lazy ass outside to enjoy the weather. FINE! I sat on my back porch in the sun, sunnin’ if you will, reading my book, readin’ if you will. I was out there for like almost 4 hours. And have the tan line to prove it!

Again, I’d take the photos. But bad hair. No makeup. Bad tan lines.

And then, I went to dinner. Because Kirk and Teri were in town! Yay! Beer! (Hi Matty!)

It was very low key, seeing as it was Sunday and all. And Kirk is here to work so he has to get up early tomorrow. Unlike Teri and I. We rule.

The highlight was when we were sitting at the bar and Kirk says to me, he says, “do you have a pen?” And I says “what did you always teach me? Every good PR person always has a pen on their person.”

OK, I mostly have a pen in my purse/bag to write things down to blog about. But it doesn’t matter. Still ingrained in my brain.

And if my weekend couldn’t get any better, I have some feline follies for you! I know! Ex. Citing!

So I bought the cats a cat bed. (Yes, I’m unemployed and not bringing in a steady income. This is not for you to judge, bitches.) Because I have hardwood floors all throughout the apartment (jealous, much?) (probably not if you live in the City because everyone has hardwood floors) and the one little rug I have in the kitchen, the cats are always sleeping on. (Probably would have been a better investment to purchase an area rug. But, bygones.)

And me, being the best cat owner ever was all, “I’ll get them a bed to sleep in. Keep those fuckers off my bed and the couch. Am genius.”

Here it is:


Me does hearted new bed

It matches my couch. See? Awesome.


UR Silly Bed Done Never Git Us Off Couch

Anyway, when I brought said bed (hee!) home, these cats wanted nothing to do with it. They hissed at it. Hissed! And I thought “Hmmm…that’s $15 down the drain. But at least it matches the day-core.”

An hour later, they lurved the new bed. And were fighting over it. And one point, Kitty Kitty (pictured above, minding her own biznass in the bed) was sleeping. Simba came over and started licking her. I thought “Awww…how cute, and also weird.”

But then! Then! Simba bit her! On the back! Like right at the spot that was all awkward and shit for her to reach and bite back. And he kept biting! And she kept flailing. Until she jumped out of the bed.

And then he calmly marched his happy ass into the bed and called it his own.

This is why I need to get a new job. Or starting walking the street. Something.

But I must go now. It is storming. And this computer, is all right up next to a window. And I’m pretty sure the scary lightning is going to jump right through and electrocute my ass.

Tomorrow: Photos of hair. And maybe tan line. But? Probably not. That would require showering and trying to do new do. Again. And we’re lucky if I change out of the PJs.



  1. I still can’t believe Simba is fighting over a cat bed. Weird.

  2. GET. A. JOB.

  3. Yeah, I took 7 years of Spanish, too, and can’t remember most of it. I was almost fluent for awhile, which is sad to me now bc I know nothing ahora.

  4. I got my hair did today, too! I say that my hair goes into mourning for a week or so after I get it cut. It’s sad because it misses the old hair so it can’t perform. It looks good today, will look crappy tomorrow. And the next day. But hopefully not the one after that!

  5. My favorite Spanish speaking related incident happened in college when we were in Mexico for Spring Break. And I was drunk (naturally) and the cab driver said to my friend “your friend is borracho.” And then I got all offended and almost went to blows with the cabbie because I thought he was calling me cheap. Which is barato.

    And this was when I was TAKING Spanish.

  6. OK, when I was in Puerto Rico jr year of college, we went to a Burger King and I ordered, “agua!” and the cashier was like, “what?” and I repeated myself and finally she was like, “OH….AG-UA!” I mean, come on, agua? Everyone knows that and my accent isn’t /that/bad.

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