Posted by: kristabella | April 25, 2007

Ode To Les Bullets

Or, I Have No Ideas For A Post So I’m Going To Combine Random Things Together And Viola! A Post.

  • Say what you will about American Idol, but this whole Idol Gives Back thing was really well done. This season they’ve had some A-list celebrities on there (Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez (Hey! I like her! She can’t sing, but that’s neither here nor there. Maid in Manhattan is a quality picture.), and maybe some others) I’ve lost a little respect for those people this year for selling out and trying to make a quick buck. I mean, it’s smart, but come on! If Sir Paul McCartney isn’t selling out, neither should any of you!
  • But tonight they had a lot of celebrities join together to make this an event to remember. A loooong two-hour event to remember, but nonetheless. On the singing part of it on Tuesday, all the votes meant money raised to end poverty in Africa and here in the US. There were over 70 million votes on Tuesday night. (I even voted 20 times.) (It was Blake, to answer your next question.) (Is it bad that I have a not-so-secret crush on him? Yum.)
  • So they had some clips and all these great artists singing and taking donations and raising a whole hell of a lot of money. It was really over the top. In the best way possible. Entertaining. And tugged on the heart strings. At the end of the show here in the Midwest and on the East Coast, they had raised more than $30 million. Again, Idol may be the downfall of American society as we know it, but that is just awesome. Kudos to you Fox.
  • If you want to donate, you can go here. If Ellen DeGeneres can give $100,000, I think you can spare $10.
  • I probably could have made that a whole post, huh? Am stoopid.
  • I am addicted to sugar-free Kool-Aid. Siriously. I mean, I’m averaging about a pitcher a day. I’m tired of water and all it’s bland, no-flavor ass. Kool-Aid is where it is at. In the words of the famous Kool-Aid Man, Oh Yeah!
  • It’s Huxta-palooza on Nick at Nite. Officially. Awesome. It’s Vanessa’s favorite episodes. I’m crossing my fingers for that one where they played the drinking game and made Rudy pretend-drink.
  • I watch entirely way too many reality TV shows. Not that I’m going to change, but why am I still watching the Real World? It’s been on like 20 seasons or more. You shouldn’t be able to watch when you are too old to even be on it. At least this season the ASU dude (Alex) has showed we’re not all anorexic (Paula) crazy people (Wes).
  • People, if you don’t watch Lost, you need to get on it. Tonight’s episode? Blown away. No survivors? Holy. Fucking. Shit!
  • I went running today. Me! Running! I never talk about that! And since this site was down for almost three weeks because certain people get way too offended because you’re new company name is stupid, I will let you know that this was pretty much the first attempt at running since the Shuffle. Which was at the end of March. Am lazy. Do you understand now?
  • Actually, I had a nagging cold for about 3 weeks. Probably since I wasn’t getting any sleep. Since I was losing my job. Over a blog.
  • So my one attempt to run during that period ended up being a lot of walking. And a lot of wheezing. And then I took the bus back home.
  • OK, now I’m just making shit up.
  • Last Friday, I went for a leisurely jog. Because let’s be honest. Snails run faster than me. But it’s still running. Still activity! That “jog” ended up in a 4-mile walk because it felt like Fat Bastard was sitting on my chest.
  • Today, though. Today. I was back to normal. Obviously not in peak running form like before (Ha!) but still, I went 4 miles and I felt good. There was some walking in between, but overall? Good.
  • There’s the 10-mile race at the end of May I’m supposed to run. Bad.
  • While I was running, minding my own biznass, rocking out to Boy George, I ran jogged walked slowly past this really old woman. She was lopsided. And it wasn’t from carrying too many groceries on one side. I may have been staring. But at my lightening speed, it wouldn’t have been for too long. As I passed, she yelled something at me. Boy George was too loud, so I didn’t quite get it.
  • I spent the entire rest of the run wondering what this crotchety old woman yelled at me.
  • Was there something on my face?
  • Was I really naked?
  • Was she mad I was wearing white pants in April?
  • Does she hate Boy George?
  • I was wearing my sweatshirt from Stuffy Ass Think I’m The Most Important People Ever Consulting Company. Does she hate the CEO too?
  • Did she not know I was rooting for Martha, the short, old lady on Card Sharks today? I’ve got mad props for the short, old, crazy ladies, yo.
  • And then I realized I was at Kimball and wasn’t sure it was the best neighborhood to be running in. So I focused on not getting shot. Or pulled into an alley.
  • Dudes, Soap Net rules. Re-runs of The O.C. and 90210. Today’s was the one where Kelly got shot in the airport parking lot. Classic. Simply a classic.
  • I’ve gotten so stupid that if I think of something to blog, I’ve resorted to sending myself text messages. And then finding them weeks later. Because what? I’m going to reply to myself? Right.
  • I haven’t gotten a lot of comments this week. And that makes me all self-conscious. Am I not funny? Have I turned into bitter, old unemployed girl that can talk about nothing more than “unemployment sucks. Is boring” or “my cats do funny things during the day” or “running! It’s more than just right, left, right, left!”?

Must go now. I’m jonesing for Kool-Aid. If I go too long, that weird pitcher dude crashes through the wall. And that ain’t cheap to fix, bitches.

Oh Yeah!




  1. Did I call it or did I call it? I KNEW the “shocking” elimination on Idol was going to be that no one was going home. What they did to my poor Jordin to make her think she was going home was MEAN!
    So how come you have ONE PHONE NUMBER for a charity drive and TWELVE numbers to vote for singers? I never got past a busy signal and I do get through voting for the singers…even in the finals.
    Remember the Kool-Aid pitcher when you were a kid? You know, the one your brother would leave a TRACE of Kool-Aid in so he didn’t have to say it was empty & make a new pitcher? Ah, good times.

  2. I swear I must be the lone person on the planet who does not watch (gasp!) American Idol…

    Maybe the old woman did say something about your white pants… I wore white pants last week and a woman co-worker had the nerve to say something catty. I told her once it finally hits 60 degrees here in the Great White North, that’s reason to celebrate. God I miss Cali!

  3. It’s one of the toughest things to accept as a blogger, but more often than not, the amount of comments can be attributed to stuff besides the quality of the content and writing. Or at least that’s what I tell myself every morning. You wanna see a dead blog, come to mine. 🙂

    Oh, and begging for comments is unseemly. 🙂

  4. I love Lost, BUT I am unable to sit down anymore and watch a TV show. So, I miss a lot and then I get mad when I don’t have the “OMG!” moments. What is wrong with me?

  5. No, Julie…KJ’s Fairy Godmother doesn’t watch American Idol either.
    If it was the white pants, good thing the old lady wasn’t Serial Mom!

  6. Yay… another non-watcher. I need to meet the FGM. 😉

  7. First off, I’d like to say that the Vanessa drinking Cosby Show episode was on last night at 12:30. And it’s Vanessa’s favorite episode too.

    Julie – there are a lot of people who don’t watch. Sometimes I wish I didn’t.

    Scarlet – I’m the same way. I end up rewinding a lot of the episode because I miss things. But I’m, um, ahem, a little overdramatic, so I think my jaw dropping on the floor is a tad overdone. Although when that chick said no one survived Flight 815, WHAT?!?!?

  8. I am one of those non-Lost watching people…

    When is the next club meeting?

  9. I don’t watch Lost, American Idol or any Reality TV. Right there wichya JR:) I do however watch Nick at Nite and am loving HustaPalooza! Did you hear Vanessa say she got bruises from carrying Denise up the stairs in the drunk episode? TOO FUNNY!

  10. OK- I will admit it here… I’m addicted to HGTV.

    So when I have the TV to myself and it’s not tuned to Baseball Tonight or the NHL playoffs, I’m all about House Hunters and their redecorating shows. Oh, and thanks KJers for allowing me to procrastinate writing my end-of-semester paper by posting here today. Every time I get “stuck” I come back to your blog. And it helps!

  11. The best reality-TV crack of all is the Road Rules/Real World Challenge. Dude. If someone can get kicked off IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF THE FIRST EPISODE for getting drunk and punching someone out, you know you’re in for some quality entertainment.

  12. I LOVE HGTV!!!!!

    I can watch it all day long…

    Maybe I do have an “inner couch potato”??

  13. KJ
    Try Propel water, it has vitamins and its yummy!

  14. The Inferno is quality TV!

  15. Oh, and I tried the lemon Propel. It tasted like feet.

    I’m sticking to Kool-Aid!

    Oh Yeah! (That never gets old.)

  16. So I shouldnt be reading this at work, I just spewed water out of my nose… good stuff, good stuff.

  17. omg, get a job already. and inferno 3 rocks!

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