Posted by: kristabella | April 20, 2007

Um, Now What?

Hey you! Yeah you there. Sitting at your computer reading me when you should be working. Hey! Pay attention or I’ll make a scary monster randomly flash on the screen and make you wet your pants just a little.

Want to know a secret? I kinda enjoyed my little “vacation” from the blog. Because then I didn’t have those days where I just had nothing to say. But still felt like I should blog. Days where all I had to talk about were the Jerry Springer guests I saw in the parking garage. Seriously. They had Springer beads around their neck. And didn’t know how to use the very self-EXPLANATORY pay machine. Posts where I just went on and one about nothing. And running. Instead I could just come home and watch TV and go to bed. And eat. To kill the sadness, remember?

Kinda like today. Because yay! Woot! I’m back up and running! I got fired for my blog! And? That’s about all I have. I mean, I’m unemployed. I haven’t even changed out of my PJs. I am now disgusting on top of being horribly boring.

I’m not ready to go into all the juicy details about what happened just yet. No, I’m not going soft. I just feel like I need to let it all cool down a little bit until I rip into them. I mean, the body isn’t even cold yet. And by body, I mean I haven’t gotten my last paycheck yet. And I need the cash.

So yeah. That’s about all I have.

Oh, I have some interviews next week. One is a second interview for a job I really want! The first interview last week went well and I’d be a perfect fit, naturally. The other interview on Tuesday seems good too. It’s an Executive Assistant position, but it’s for the VP of  Communications, which would be cool. And it’s right by the EL downtown. So things are looking good.

I was seriously scared that I’d start sending out resumes and applying for jobs and hear nothing. Granted, this could still happen. But in my last job searches, I haven’t had quality interviews this early in the search. So this is promising.

And? And! My cat just yawned. And the other one? Just looked at me! Unemployment blows.

Maybe I should go for a run. And I bet that some hilarity will ensue. I could go take a jog down by Wrigley. The Cubs are playing the Cards. At least there would be drunk people. And cute boys.

Or I could just take a cab down there and go drink beers.

Hmmm, which sounds like a better option Internet? Hellooooo! I’m still talking to you!



  1. how about this lil ditty… you jog to the bars and stumble back home. that’s bound to burn some of your caloric intake.

  2. I say you enjoy the PJs and disgustingness while you got it, because you’ll be back in the cubicle soon enough (very soon, by the sound of it!) Or … it’s spring! Be disgusting outside!

    Glad you’re back 🙂

  3. Best of luck with the interviews!

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