Posted by: kristabella | March 27, 2007

Have You Seen Me?

Well, have you?


Because I lost it. Sometime yesterday between the hours of 6 PM and 8 PM. And I have abso-fucking-lutely no idea where it is.

Seriously, I have a cold and have been really worn out lately (and running the 5 miles on Sunday probably didn’t help matters) so I’ve been a little absent-minded.

So I remember putting it in my bag last night when I left work. And then I did a little shopping. Because the weather is nice and I work SO close to all the fun shops downtown. So I must have dropped it sometime when I pulled out my wallet to pay? Or when I got my book out to read on the EL ride home? But usually when that happens, I feel it. Or hear it.

I thought I left it at the office, so I wasn’t too concerned until I got in this morning and it wasn’t here. And really, it’s a phone, so I’m just STOKED it wasn’t my wallet. Yeah, it’s a little creepy that some homeless guy could call almost each and every one of you. But at least it’s deactivated and there’s no identity theft threat. (I hope.) So, WHEW!

But all is fine because I actually signed up for the insurance this time. So I’ll have a new phone in a matter of days. So don’t call me until then.

And, just for shits and giggles (and because I’m just a bitch like that), I would like to point out the fact that I think (as I’m sure all of you would agree) that losing a cell phone, way worse than losing a coat. Right? I mean, there’s a lot more information in there. And a lot of people have their cell phone as their only phone.

And yet, I didn’t freak out one bit. No tears were shed. All in all, just mad at myself since I’m such an IDIOT!

(Yes, I know I’m a horrible bitch for drawing comparisons. But I couldn’t resist.)



  1. See that’s what you get for buying one of those cool, new razor-thin models… Can’t even feel it or hear it when you drop it. Not that I’m envious or anything (of course not)… Jus love my old, retro ’05 verizon.

    Seriously though, glad all is OK. Now if it hadn’t been so warm out and you’d lost your phone AND your coat… Oooooh. Watch out! 😉

  2. A few weeks ago I found a cell phone laying on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. I did what I thought was the nice thing and found a number in the contacts labeled Mom, called it and left a message saying I had her son/daughter’s phone. Turn’s out it belongs to a woman who lives a few doors away from me. She came over to pick it up and what do I get from her? She doesn’t say thank you, instead she bitches me out for touching her phone! And I’m all, bitch you wouldn’t even have your phone back if it wasn’t for me!

  3. What a bitch!

    I would have dropped it and stomped on it and been all “sorry for touching.”

  4. Too bad you didn’t save her mother’s phone number, Michelle. Maybe Mom could beat some sense into her ungrateful little snot kid!

  5. who’s the hot chick on the front?

  6. If by “horrible bitch for making comparisons,” you mean “hilariously employing a running joke,” then yes.

    Although coats cost way more than cell phones.

  7. Not always Senor;)

  8. Egg-actly, Scarlet.

    That’s a big way for a cell phone company to make money is when you lose it, then you have to pay full price. Not the promotional price.

    And my phone is over $200. And I don’t own any $200 coats. And I am pretty sure you don’t either, Senor.

  9. you freakin weiner!!!! put up your last blog!!

  10. Do not listen to Rich… 😉

  11. oh yeah, she’s back!!

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