Posted by: kristabella | March 25, 2007

Race Day

So I know you’re all wondering “Isn’t today that race for KJ?”

Well, you no longer have to wonder. And yes, I know you weren’t really wondering.

Today was the Shamrock Shuffle. And what a beautiful day for running. It’s about 70 and sunny here in Chicago today. Which, for the end of March is really nice. It is really humid, though, which isn’t all that fun to run in.

So I was a little worried about the race today. I started to come down with a cold later in the week last week. By Friday, I was starting to get all achey and I was really wondering if I would be able to run. But I was determined to do it anyway. One, for the free beer at the end of the race. And two, because it cost me $40 damn dollars!

I stayed in all day Saturday to rest. I drank lots of OJ and took lots of naps. Mostly, it wasn’t different from most of my weekend activities. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I woke up about 5 AM with this really nasty cough. And it wasn’t going away. And frankly, I felt like dogshit. All I kept thinking was “um, don’t I like totally need proper functioning lungs to run 5 miles? Isn’t that a tad vital?”

I woke up about 2 hours later and felt a little better. And I made sure to take some Advil before I left. Mostly for the running pain. Not the sore throat pain.

The Shuffle is about 30,000 people. Which is a fucking lot of people. So basically, the race “starts” at 9:30 AM, but if you’re not one of the elitist assholes athletes who run 5 miles in under 30 minutes (WHAT???), you have to walk to the starting gate with the herd. I think we started about 15 minutes after the “gun” which was fine with me. I’m among my slow-running peers. And less likely to get trampled when I collapse at mile-marker 2.

(Seriously, people finished that race at about the time I hit mile marker 1. Those people must die.)

So Jenn and I were off! Jenn’s a serious runner and like runs marathons and f’ing ran a 1/2 marathon last weekend. But she said she’d run with me. Even though I was severely slowing her down. (Those are my words. Not her words. Because if she said that, I would have tripped her on the Columbus Street bridge.) (Hi Jenn! Thanks for running with me!)

So around theย 2 mile-mark they had the only water station, which is probably fine when it isn’t so warm and humid and we want HYDRATION! WHERE IS MY GATORADE?!? So I walked through the water station. Because, really? I can barely walk and do nothing on a normal day. Don’t try and get me to run and drink at the same time. I’d drown from it all going UP MY NOSE! (Jenn says this is a trait I should learn. I think not.)

So we walked through it, probably about a block or so and then started running again.

And guess what? GUESS WHAT??? I ran the whole thing. RAN! THE! WHOLE! THING! (No, jackass, I don’t count walking through the water station because mommy needs to be hydrated.)

Yep. Me. I ran it all. 4.96 miles or whatever that shit is. 8k. The end was really rough. Those Shamrock Shuffle bastards make you f’ing run up the hill on Roosevelt right at the end of the race. That? Is not nice.

It was also rough because Jenn’s creepy, stalker ex-boyfriend ran with us for the last mile. (He’s one of those douche bags that finished in like 34 minutes. And then came back. For more running! Punk.) And while he was being overly nice, I don’t like him and don’t want him all running and being up in my business. Because I don’t like him. I wish he was being a prick because I would have just told him to shut the fuck up. But by 4 miles in, there was no talking and running.

And I finished in just 28 seconds shy of an hour. Which I think is very respectable for my first time. And seeing as I hadn’t gone more than 3 miles ever. EVER. So I’m quite proud of myself. So I’m tooting my own horn and writing about it. And I was so damn proud of myself that I didn’t even redeem my free beer at the end. Me! Turning down beer! Because the line was long as shit and 30,000 sweaty runners cramped into a small space on a warm humid day in Chicago? Not. Good.

And now, hopefully, I can talk about more interesting shit than running.

Although I do have the 10-miler at the end of May. I’m halfway there, bitches!



  1. Wow. I used to run when I lived in Richmond, but I’ve never had the desire to run a set amount. I think that’s awesome, good for yoU!

  2. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just got back from Vegas and had to check to see if you posted about the race before I head to bed…AWESOME JOB, so proud of you! Hope to get there someday, but I’m still in week 2 of the online program. ๐Ÿ™‚
    IM ya tomorrow.

  4. YOU RULE!!!!
    I am so proud of you…..but i KNEW you could do it. You’ve always been able (ALWAYS) to do whatever you set your mind to do.

  5. Way to go, ma! So impressed to hear you ran the whole way, something I doubt I could ever do. Another one in May? Holy Tornado… you’re going to start subscribing to those running magazines n shit now, huh?

  6. An old boss from back home was a marathon runner. He also just pled guilty to soliciting a 15-year over the Internet (2nd offense). Make of that what you will. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, that’s awesome. And I’m really glad the weather smiled on you.

  7. hahaahahah! holy tornado… thanks will ferrell!

  8. congrats kj! that’s awesome. i’m still disturbed about you turning down the beer though. where is the kj we know and love?!??

  9. I have to say…in this public forum…that I am SOOO pround of you for running that 8K (4.8 miles ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was so happy to be there with you…

    You know you can do so much more than your mind allows. I am looking forward to the 10-miler in May!!

  10. Actually, since I’m being a stickler and bragging and shit about how far I ran, 8 kilometers is 4.97 miles. Give or take. And that extra .17 miles is very important! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I Googled to make sure that the Sharock Shuffle people were right.)

    Thanks everyone!

    And don’t worry Betsey, the KJ you know and love is still livin’ large and in charge. I just hate smelly, sweaty people. You get a sweaty person brushing up against you and you kind of lose your thirst for a beer.

    Plus, it’s Chicago. There’s a bar across the street with $2 beers and they have seats.

  11. Great job, Kristin! I so would have been in that bar across the street waiting for you….with many beers to consume to celebrate your accomplishment. Nice work!

  12. Congratulations Kristabella!!! I’m so proud of you!!

  13. Alright, alright…4.96! I just re-did my math. I am not too smart with numbers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    SO, basically 5 miles! Why don’t they just round up…it sounds better. Although 8K sounds farther. So, nevermind the 4.96 business…

  14. I am like a million kinds of impressed! I am still trying to work my way to a 5K. Well, kinda. Not really. In my head, I am. In my defense, I DO do that much on the elliptical, though. So that counts … right? HA.

    Seriously, way impressed. Congratulations!

  15. Totally counts, Swishy! Better than sitting on your ass on the couch watching TV, which was what I was doing a month ago.

    Ahh….those were the days!

  16. Congrats KJ

  17. That is so awesome!! I can’t even run a lap around the track!! I walk the 5K of my triathlon’s…such a loser!

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