Posted by: kristabella | March 22, 2007

When the Lights Go Down In the Cit-tay

And the sun shines on the Bay. Do I want to be there in my cit-tay, oooooh, oooooooh, oh oo oh.

People, you are so lucky to be reading this. Because it was touch and go there for awhile. Tonight? My power? It went OUT! OUT! No light-o in my house-o.

I got home from work about 6:30 and decided that I’d go running outside today instead of at the gym. One, because it’s hot in my gym. And apparently running makes my body a big sweaty mess. It’s ain’t pretty. And it’s warm in there. And two, I figured I’d take advantage of the decent weather. Plus, I’m to be running in the outside in that damn race on Sunday, so I might as well get the fuck used to it.

(You totally thought that since I haven’t gone on and on about my running that I had given up. Didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? ANSWER ME!!! Because I haven’t told you that I’m up to running 13 minutes consecutively. All at once. Which is over a mile. Even for me. Didn’t you?) (OK, I know you didn’t, but this seemed like a perfect way to talk about it and not go on and on about it.) (Seemed being the key word.) (Word.)

So I got home and went out for a run. So I did my running for 13 minutes straight (oh, did I not mention I’m up to 13 minutes straight and that out of the 30 minutes I ran for 28? Oh. Silly me.) As I was walking back up to my apartment (my cool down, bitches), I noticed that on the block of the main drag (I was going to write the street name because it’s a big street, but then with my luck I’d have a stalker or something.) (Oh, and I think something is amiss in the apartamento complex because I noticed a new sign right before you enter the courtyard that said “Private Property. Keep the Fuck Out Bitches!” So yeah, weird.) Anyway, on the block of the main drag in front my my house, the street lights were out. And then I turned the corner and all the lights were out on my street. And not a single light was to be seen in any building.

First thought: Weird. The power must be out or something.

Second thought: Nooooooooooooooooooo! Grey’s is new tonight! NEW! And Ugly Betty! The hooooooorrrrrrooooorrrrr!

Third thought: Um, do I have any candles? Of the non-birthday variety?

Yes, yes I did. But not a lot. And not enough to do anything more than stopping me from bumping into every piece of furniture I have. Which I guess is a good thing.

But you know what? It’s fucking boring to have no power. What on earth did people in this world do before TV? And the internet? I was without fucking power for like about an hour (and for 20 minutes of it I wasn’t even home!) and I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Rich’s suggestion was to go for a run or walk. Um, I just did that jackass. And brag all I want about my third-rate running skills, I ain’t about to go back out and do it some more. Over and above what online training program tells me to do. Hell to the no.

And then I really starting thinking (becaue what the hell else was I supposed to do?) Because we’ve had some instances in the very recent past where people have been without power for days. And then there was Seattle this winter after they had that huge storm and people were without power for over a week. What in the cotton-pickin’ hell did these people do with themselves?? 40 fucking minutes and I was ready to scream! Or something!

I mean, I read my book (again, not many options. It was book or pick my nose.) And I suppose no power when there is daylight isn’t so bad. Especially like in the summer when you could go to the beach, beeach. Or Wrigley. But if I was without power for a week and there was some sort of watering hole type of establishment, I would be there. All the time. I would turn into the biggest drunk. Well, maybe turn into isn’t the best word. “Continue to be” would be more fitting.

So thankfully the ComEd Gods decided to give me electricity back. If only for the computer. Because it gave me a post topic. And because now I can watch all my programs on the



  1. When my sister and I both lived at home, if the power went out, we’d leave. It’s too dreadful to be home with no power. Not that we “can’t do it”, but we always drove towards the light.

  2. I think they rerun Grey’s on Fridays if you want to TiVo it or whatever.
    YAY for the running!!!
    A great big TGIF…this has been one hell of a week!

  3. At least you still have water when the power goes out. Out here in the boonies we can’t even go to the bathroom. No power=no well=no water. Could get kind of stinky.

  4. i was in said power outage this past winter and was without power for two days. and let me tell you, drinking becomes the number 1 pasttime with your pals all huddled together inside where it’s 30 degrees. oh yeah, and there was a lot of “me” time. hehe.

  5. My question would be, “Does TiVo work when the power is out?”:)

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