Posted by: kristabella | March 19, 2007

No, I Did Not Get Alcohol Poisoning

I know that’s what ya’ll were thinking. Seeing no new post coming out of the weekend. Which happened to include my second favoritest holiday, behind my birthday of course. Any holiday where you are encouraged to drink beer and dress casually is a great holiday to me!

So yeah, I didn’t end up in a ditch somewhere. I just was a tad bit under the weather on Sunday to sit down and write more than dnivo’dwklvnfdko. Because that’s about all I could muster. In fact, I think Rich might have a voice mail that sounds pretty similar to that. And I left it at 9:30 PM in the afternoon. Yep. That’s what I said.

Our St. Patty’s pub crawl amounted to mostly a Pub Sit-In. We got to the first bar (a non-Irish bar. Unless the Louie that Bar Louie is named after is like Louie O’Callahan) about 11:30 AM. I was the first to arrive (shocking!) from my group. I was a tad bit leery to take off my jacket and reveal the shirt when I first walked in. Apparently, Bar Louie hosted some sort of little St. Patty’s Day party for families. With lots o’ kids. And I don’t think my “Drink Up Bitches!” shirt was going over well with the parents. I didn’t feel so bad with the toddlers, but when I saw the 12 year olds, I felt a little bad. And then I drank a beer, and said fuck them. And promptly handed them all beers and pointed to my shirt. Don’t disobey the shirt, people.

(The shirt was actually a big hit. Especially in the line for the bathroom. I had people from all over the bar coming up to me to tell me how awesome I was. In my shirt. If only that led to free beers. Asses.)

Finally, around 1ish, the ankle biters left the bar and it was just us add-ults. I scored us a great table right near the bar. So we sat. And sat. And played Pass the Pigs (which we turned into a drinking game. Natch.) And drank. And ate. And watched basketball. And sat. And our fist stop on the pub crawl turned into our only stop on the pub crawl. Mostly. We finally left around 6ish (no idea what time it really was. It was light out, so it was before 7ish.) We went to another non-Irish bar. Which had a longer than line that the Irish places. But really, if you’re in a bar on St. Patty’s Day and you’re wearing green and drinking a cold beverage, all is right in the world.


So I had a comment by the guy who started this blog. Which I think is totally hilarious! He found me from my Dave Krieg post. What a genius idea. Any time you can get Mark Rypien to pose with a Dave Krieg trading card (is that what the kids are calling them these days?) is awesome. And now I’m even a friend of Dave’s! Yay me!


I have given up on the tourney, mostly. My bracket is pretty much screwed. My work pool, you get your $10 back if you finish last. So I’m pulling for Southern Illinois or Butler to win it all now. I’m all about the upsets now. (Shakes fist at Texas and Wisconsin!)

I am still in Matty’s Survivor pool. At least one of my entries is. So I’m hoping for some luck there for even a share of the purse. I can pick anyone except UNC, Memphis and SIU. So I’m in pretty good shape.


And finally (because I am a lazy whore and didn’t want to put all of these items into separate, well-written posts), Amalah is going to dye her hair. Any color that the internet chooses! Let’s help her out! And get rid of fucking cancer. Do it for her mom. Do it for Kim and her mom. Do it so that no one else’s loved ones are ever affected by this horrible disease ever again.



  1. Dude…you totally spelled “dye her hair” wrong – you went “die her hair”!!!

    Wait! Stop! Don’t do it!!

  2. Hooray for Mark Rypien! Super Bowl XXVI MVP in front of yours truly at the freaking Metrodome! When he was the 3rd string QB, this local radio show that he’d have weekly interviews on would always play a clip of him karaoke-ing “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark Rypien sings about as well as I do. Better than Ditka and Jeff Gordon, though.

  3. Jenn, you must have misread it. Looks good to me. 🙂

    I think everyone sings better than Ditka.

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