Posted by: kristabella | March 15, 2007


Look at me, here, writing two posts in one day! Woot to me.

Although, I think the highlight of my day was that story from the EL ride. I should quit while I’m ahead.

Here’s pretty much a timeline of my day today

8:15 AM: Almost push smart-mouthed mother fucker off EL platform.

9-9:30 AM: Finish all my brackets. And make my picks for Matty’s Survivor pool.

9:30-10:30 AM: Get irritated with the new system we just launched. It gives me such a headache.

11:something AM: Tourney starts!

1 PM: Am officially out of tourney, more than likely. Who the fuck picks Stanford? I’ve never been loyal to the Pac-10 in the past. Why the hizzy did I start this year? Am dumb. Ass. (And yeah, I even picked them to get to the Sweet 16 in one pool. D’oh!)

1:45 PM: Go to lunch at Lucky Strike. They have lots of TVs.

3ish PM: Get back from lunch. What? It wasn’t that long. The service was slow!

4 PM: Talk about plans for St. Patty’s Day. A group laugh, again, about my cool shirt. And how it is so me. Bitches.

6 PM: Leave work for gym. More running.

7 PM: Leave gym for home.

7:45 PM: See a possum (or is is opossum??) on my street! A possum! Just walking down the street. Nasty! That’s probably what eats my garbage that I leave out on the back porch. For days. Too bad for the possum it’s probably usually taking a big bite of cat litter.

9 PM: Grey’s over. Izzy! What. The. Fuck?!?!?

9:25 PM: I just found out Dooke lost. To Virginia Commonwealth. Heehee. (That one I actually picked.) (I always pick Duke and U of A to lose in the first round.)

9:40 PM: Go Gonzaga, G-O-N-Z-A-G-A.

9:42 PM: There’s this new commercial for Miller Lite. Talking about how it’s won all these beer awards. Like “Best Beer” awards. Now, I like Miller Lite as much as the next guy. It’s way better than Bud Light. But what kind of fucking beer competition was this? Best light beer brewed in the Midwest? With Midwest being Wisconsin and Missouri? Best light beer from Wisconsin? Best beer that spells light Lite? Did the taste testers have taste buds? Did they have tongues? I’m calling false advertising on their asses. Anyone can raise a “Best Beer” flag. In their own fucking brewery!

9:50 PM: Realize that I do WAY too many of these kinds of posts. That aren’t even interesting.

10:05 PM: Time for bed, bitches. Before I sit idly by while my bracket gets even more screwed up.



  1. I had Duke in the Sweet 16 … WHY? I don’t know. They suck this year. So bye-bye, my bracket.

    (I did one of those lunches too! I ate so many french fries I thought I was going to puke.)

  2. Apparently, there’s a WORLD Beer Cup…this is from a press release:

    A three time Gold Medal winner for Best American Light Lager at the World Beer Cup awards, Miller Lite has only 96 calories and 3.2 carbs per 12-ounce serving.

    I feel like a lush checking beer websites this early in the AM but the picture of a cold bottle of beer attracted a crowd around my computer!

  3. Best American Light Lager? There must be something in there where like Sam Adams Light isn’t in that category.

    I call for a recount!

    Swishy, you picked Duke for their tourney experience. Same reason I always pick Louisville for Rick Pitino. EXCEPT for this year because Pitino ALWAYS screws me in my bracket!

  4. Don’t feel bad, I had Stanford in the sweet 16 too…. never trust tree huggers. Did pick USC over Texas, and have all 8 of the elite 8 left… Go ducks 😀

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