Posted by: kristabella | March 11, 2007

Spring Forward

For those of you who didn’t know, today marked the first day of Daylight Savings Time. And if you didn’t know, you’ve been running an hour late all day.

One of our consultants has been working like 80-hour weeks on the DST project for a certain mobile phone maker, who apparently forgot that they moved Daylight Savings up 3 weeks. I was happy to see this morning that my phone switched.

I don’t like the first few days of DST. I mean, I’m stoked that they moved it up a few weeks in March. I like that it’s light out later. It’s just depressing leaving work when it’s dark. Sunshine just makes people happier. But right now it’s 10 PM, but my body thinks it is 9 PM, so it doesn’t really want to go to bed soon. But I have to make it. And it’s not going to want to wake up an hour earlier, either. It always takes a few days to work itself out, but I still always have a hard time adjusting. Maybe I should just drink some wine. Then I’ll be sleepy.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. It was almost 60 on Saturday and Sunday. It really feels like spring. Which means baseball. Which means afternoons at Wrigley. So that + sunshine = happy days.

I was watching Match Game on Saturday afternoon. There wasn’t much else on. (I love how I say that like I didn’t search through the f’ing guide and choose to watch it. I love the show. And Richard Dawson.) I’m not all that interested in college hoops until the tourney. That happens when your alma mater won like 2 conference games this year. They’re bad.

Anyway, I was watching and this male contestant was telling everyone what he did for a living. And he’s all “up until a few weeks ago, I was a football player.” And Gene Rayburn was all “Did you get injured?” Dude was all “no, they just thought I wasn’t good enough. And now I coach.”

And then Gene’s all “Well, welcome to Patty Patterson and Brian Billick!” I was SHOCKED! I mean, he looked the exact same, but I just wasn’t expecting it. It was hilarious. I can’t believe he was on The Match Game. And I can’t believe he wasn’t on the DVD set. I bet he’s trying to make sure that episode is never aired.

Oh, and he was probably one of the worst players ever. He didn’t match a single celebrity. And my guy Richard Dawson was totally ripping on him. He said something like like “Football player, failed. Game show contestant, failed.” Too funny.


I saw a commercial this weekend for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Like not cartoon. But more 3-D Shrek-like. And I’m totally going to see it. I watched that show every morning before I went to high school. Heroes in a half-shell. Turtle power.

And finally, I just wanted to give a birthday shout out to Julie, whose birthday is on Monday. And she’s busy celebrating by drinking beer in the sun at spring training. Happy birthday, blee-ach! We’re supposed to get snow this week.



  1. I should have enjoyed the few days last week when it was light in the morning when I was leaving for work. It was depressing & dark this morning but atleast it will be light out on the way home.
    And my body definitely says it’s not yet on daylight savings time.


  3. Billick with a really nice leather jacket and wide tie! That was too funny. I’ll bet that he doesn’t want ANYONE to see that episode. You should alert Chad. I’m sure he’d love to know.

  4. Billick with a really nice leather jacket and wide tie! Too funny. You should tell Chad. I’m sure that he’d love to share that little secret!

  5. TMNT Turtle Power!

    Remember the rap song?

  6. Brian Billick was on Match Game?!?! OMG, that’s classic.

  7. I mentioned the Billick thing to someone at the Ravens and she knew about it. Apparently he has a good sense of humor about it.

    Good thing, because that’s a bad tie!

  8. Thanks for the shouts, KB and Mahnee… Cheers from Twins ans BoSox camps… pourin some out for ya!

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