Posted by: kristabella | March 6, 2007

Mark This Day On Your Calendars

Because for once, I have nothing to say.

And yet I’m attempting to write a post anyway. Silly dumb blonde girl. Trix are for kids. And writing is for smrt people. I mean smArt.

Actually, for some reason I feel the need (the need? For speed? No.) to write every day. And I’ve been slacking. Because work. And the running. And work. Seriously. I have too much work to do.

We launched this new system. It’s the one I went out to Seattle for training on two weeks ago. And they told me all this stuff. And I soaked most of it in. (Like a sponge.) What I didn’t realize, though, was the sheer volume of work it is creating for me. And this is on top of all my other work. That keeps me pretty damn busy.

I am point person (hear me roar) for this new system in Chicago. And in like 6 months, it will make my life much easier. But right now, it’s creating headaches. So bad that I want to cry. Because it feels like they rushed the launch. Like by a good few months. And I think the one who told me to IM him with any questions seriously wants to change his IM address and move to Bora Bora. (That’s a real place right?) (He’d actually be better off moving to a fake place anyway. I’m easily sidetracked.) (Oooh….shiny thing.)

Oh, and my cat just curled up in the bathroom sink. (News. Flash.)

(Wow, see how far we’ve sunk?) (Get it? Sunk, sink?) (Hey Funny! Meet Funny’s cousin. Not Funny.) (This is spinning. Out. Of. Control.)

Anywho, (my dad used to say that all the time.) (what was I saying about being easily distracted? Total bullshit.) so with the late working hours and working out at the gym every day after work (yay me!) I have less and less time to write. And that makes me sad. (Probably a little more on the pathetic sad side than weepy sad side.) Because I do so enjoy it on so many levels. (And now I’m British.) Even if it is so boring and about roller skating (of which I couldn’t even think of one funny thing to write. Not one!) (But it’s looking better and better by the second compared to this shit on a shingle.) (Now, that, made me laugh.)

But, I am doing pretty well with the whole running thing. After the whole not-moving-my-arms-for-days ordeal. (And am totally just writing a post to brag about how awesome I am. (Awesomely out of shape, that is.) So you’ll all just comment with all the “Atta boy!” and the “Way to go!” and “Pick it up, fat ass!”) I ran five minutes straight on the treadmill tonight. Five! Minutes! In a ROW! Like CONSECUTIVELY! And I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal. But I’m telling you IT’S A BIG FUCKING DEAL! So there.

And I have like 17 more days to get my ass up to like an hour-plus straight of running, but I think I can get there. (Probably not.) Or close. (Probably not.) At least a hell of a lot closer than I thought I would ever be. (Which was on the couch eating potato chips.) And now I will go. Before I get even more whiny. Or give you a play-by-play of the cat stretching. Or licking his asshole.

(That sound you just heard? Was this blog hitting rock bottom. Only one way to go from here!)



  1. You’re going to do the hour of running. WITH. ME. And at least you have a trainer to thank for the soreness! I have my own greediness from carrying too many delicious, heavy things home from Dominick’s.

    p.s. I live vicariously through your cat ownership!

  2. Wow. I totally just posted that. You’re quick. Quick like lightning.

    Well your arms will hurt a lot more when you have to carry my arse across the finish line. 🙂

  3. Hee! seriously, I live for kitty humor!

  4. Way to go, running girl!!!!!

  5. No way, dude! Rock bottom is when you just flat out have no desire to write anything and just give up. If writing helps keep you sane, sometimes it doesn’t matter whether it’s entertaining or not. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  6. Yay! My shameless plug for compliments worked! 🙂

    Although, it’s from my Mom. And that’s like her job.

    But still!

    I agree, rock bottom would be lower. But just by a smidgen.

  7. I suggest new shoes. I went running around a small lake on Monday, and the run proved horrible. Immediately after said run, I went and purchased new running kicks at the running store (convientently located) across the street from the lake. My run around the lake seemed to go so much better yesterday.

  8. I was actually thinking of buying some new shoes. All of mine are courtesy of the 49ers.

    That probably explains a lot.

    And I comment too much on my own blog.

  9. You WILL get to an hour of running, I have no doubt about it! Your commitment shows in your consistency…and you are a stubborn chica! You will have all of us to support you along the way! It will be fun – and maybe we can do breakfast afterwards?!?!

  10. KJers- you go… Puh-leese do not worry your pretty little (blonde) head about your blog audience right now… I’d rather see you kicking butt on the treadmill (yay you!) and kicking bootie on this launch-thingee… Welcome to my world (of checking personal e-mail at night, while I brush my teeth, in like 30 seconds)… Anyhoo 😉 I just want to make it CLEAR that I’m super excited about your race, and just as excited that you finally work for a company that values your brain… you’ve got skillz, Gurl. Now kick some butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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