Posted by: kristabella | March 4, 2007

All Skate

I had a big weekend planned this weekend. I was getting my hair did on Saturday. And had a birthday party to attend. And was going to go grocery shopping to actually have something edible in the house besides pretzels and microwave popcorn. And maybe clean my filthy-ass house.

But, as per usual, I didn’t do much. Friday night, I passed out on the couch at 8:30. Seriously. I was in bed before 11. Which, was kind of nice. I need sleep. I think I’m coming down with something.

Saturday, I did get up and go get my hair did. It looks nice. I just remembered (like this second) that I should take photos. Because I did that the last time. But I look like shit right now. I think I have mascara all down the side of my face. From not washing my face last night and sleeping in puddles of drool.

And last night, I did go to that birthday party. Which was at a roller rink! Like roller skating. Like I haven’t done in probably about 15 years!

I was kind of dreading it. I mean, it was way out in the burbs and I was pretty sure there wasn’t going to be booze. Because, really? No one needs drunk people on skates.

When I rolled up, two of my friends were just getting out of their car. And they weren’t all that excited either. A lot of it was because we had to stand in line! A line! Out the door! For ROLLER SKATING! (Although, as we kept pointing out, we were like the only people there who weren’t dropped off by the parental units.)

I was really concerned that I would totally fall on my ass. Numerous times. Because I can’t even remember the last time I was on roller blades, let alone roller skates. (You had the option to rent blades, but it was $2 more. And I’m cheap. And if I’m going to be renting skates of any kind, it has to be the brown-booted ones with the orange wheels.)

It took some getting used to. Because, again, on skates you have to “toe pick” to stop. Which, I just had visions of toe-picking my ass into a face plant in front of a gaggle of 12 year olds.

But it was really fun. I mean, once we all got out there, and got our groove back, it was fun. And who knew roller skating was such good exercise? (Probabaly all of yous did.)

The place was packed. And those obnoxious punk ass kids just weave in and out of the groups on the rink. Which tends to make one person fall. Which in turn makes a whole four-car-pileup of people fall too. I am quite proud I didn’t eat it. I came close once. And totally almost grabbed an unsuspecting friend along with me.

The music sucked though. I thought it was going to be awesome. They started with songs that were released before most of the people in there were born. But then it went to like covers of pop songs. (If you’re going to play Yeah by Usher, just play his version.) And then went right in to songs none of us have ever heard.

I was a little disappointed with no games. Their “special” skate was the glow stick skate. You could only be on the floor if you had a glow stick. Which you could only buy at the front desk. (Good move, roller rink people!) But there was no hokey pokey. Or we used to have a dice game. Which I don’t remember what the whole goal was all about, but remember a big ass dice. Although the best was the adults only skate. Because then the floor cleared. Which, for an old lady like me who didn’t like to have all those young whipper-snappers so close and moving so fast by me, was a good thing.

I might have to change my 30th celebration to a roller skating party.



  1. Glad to hear you didn’t break any bones roller skating. I still think it would be pretty funny to go out for a few drinks & go roller skating…expecially with Auntie Debbie. Were you with us that time we had been out for a few drinks, wanted to go roller skating & she told us the roller rink was closed? And she LIED!!!!

  2. I didn’t lie!! I didn’t know there was roller skating at the Sports Complex. NO WAY, NO HOW WILL I EVER GET ON A PAIR OF SKATES AGAIN! You guys can go and I’ll take pictures.

  3. Are the skates still brown with orange wheels? I was so jealous of the girls with the white skates and the pom-pom tassle thingy! No Red Light Green Light, that blows! DUDE, let’s totally go on your B-Day weekend!

  4. OK- there will be no roller skatiig for your bday, please… And can I vent, while we’re on the topic? I was one of the girls who NEVER got picked for moonlight skate, but sat watching, sadly, as couples skated to Aeorsmith’s “Dog Without a Bone” or Richard Marks’ “Wherever You Go, ” B.S. I do have some fun memories, though, from skating w/ friends to “Thriller” w/ Vincent Price’s narration (yes, I am HELLA-old, people… almost 34!).

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