Posted by: kristabella | February 28, 2007

Did You Know This Is The Second Post Titled Back To Life, Back To Reality? Uncreative Whore

So I was going about my normal routine this morning in my attempt to get to work on time. Wednesdays are the only days I actually have to be to work at a certain time. We have 8 AM meetings every week. And when you usually roll in at 8:45, it makes quite a difference.

(Especially since I ran on the treadmill last night! Not to document every time I actually fucking work out, or anything. I was doing run two minutes/walk a minute intervals. I’m an out of shape fat arse, by the way.)

Anyway, I was standing on the platform at the Belmont station, waiting for the red line (which of course was taking an unusually long time to come today because I actually had to be somewhere ON TIME.) And I was perusing the Sun Times. (I really only skim, to feel like I know what’s going on in the world. And to see how much of an ass whooping my Alderman laid down.) (He had 80% of the vote, for those of you wondering. And I think all of those people are actually alive.) And all of a sudden there’s a feature for the new season of America’s Next Top Model, which starts tonight. And two of the girls are from Chicago. Including? A girl I know!


I know a girl on TV! I’ve never known ANYONE on a reality show. I’m so excited. I haven’t watched ANTM in a few seasons because really, Tyra bugs the shit out of me. And if they say “fierce” one more time, I’ll throw my shoe at the TV. And seriously, for the love of Christ, eat a sammich skanks!

But I may tune in tonight. Or at least TiVo it. (Or not, because I have to go to the gym and won’t be home in time. I’m sure they’ll re-run it.)

Oh. You want to know who I know and I how I know her? Well, the girl is Sarah. And I know her through my ex-boyfriend. He owned (I say past tense because I went to their website today to see if there was any of this breaking news.) (There wasn’t.) a film company with his friend. And his friend was dating Sarah. And even after they broke up, Sarah still acted in their movies and was their official photographer. She’s actually a really talented photographer. And she does modeling on the side. And she was a super nice girl. (I’d link to her MySpace page, but I have banned all that crazy nonsense.)

And I’m just excited that I know someone on a reality TV show!

(I know. I really need to get out more.)



  1. I’m watching ANTM right now!

  2. Did you SEE ANTM? I know they edit like crazy on these reality shows, but Sarah came across as a know-it-all…and she didn’t take a very good photo. I know a lot of the editing is for the “drama” but she wasn’t very likable last night. Spoiler alert (if there is such a thing on ANTM)….she didn’t get kicked off so I guess we can see how they edit/develop her on future shows.

  3. I didn’t get home until right before 9, but I saw that she didn’t get booted. And a few girls at work were telling me all about her. And how cocky she was.

    I’m interested to see how it plays out.

  4. It freaks me out that your TV comes on at different times.

  5. Like because you’re Eastern?

    It was weird to move back to the Central time zone after living on the West Coast. Shows should start at 8. Period.

  6. Not at all ANTM-related, I’m awaiting confirmation on this, but I think I used to work at Starbucks with the bassist for Panic At the Disco. I know there are plenty of Jon Walkers in Chicago, but he split town right about the same time they said they hired their bassist Jon Walker from Chicago. I’m trying to mentally remove the beard from the Rolling Stone photo and I think it’s the same guy.

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