Posted by: kristabella | February 22, 2007

Um, Whoops, Maybe?

So for most of my time in Seattle this week I sat in a conference room for 8 hours and learned all about this new system we’re launching. The best part, though, was yesterday when we were chatting about Anna Nicole and Britney and all things lovely when it comes to pop culture. (Way better than portfolio management and the like.)

So I was talking about this crazy Anna video. And the one chick, who is a kind of higher up, was all interested in it. I told her I would send the link to the video. Which I did. And told her “it’s a good blog, if you’re a blog reader.” Which she said she was.

And then as I was sitting on the plane last night, I was all “Shit! Maybe not a good idea.” Because I comment on there. And she may accidentally click the link to one of my many comments. Because they’re all witty and such.

And BAM! There the fuck goes my whole cover and no one seeing my blog from work.

I might as well just send out an all-staff e-mail now.

And no, I never overreact.



  1. dumbass

  2. Therein lies the eternal paradox. You can’t circulate the address or comment on anyone else’s and still be anonymous. If it doesn’t happen now, it’ll happen eventually. Maybe one of your co-workers hates Rex Grossman. 🙂

  3. Yep, I can’t be anonymous and have a top blog. I have to figure out what is worse…blog fame or co-workers being entertained.


  4. Not to freak you out, but another blog I may or may not write on anonymously was found out by someone clicking on a comment and then seeing an interesting name somewhere else. Oh, and most everyone at my job knows about it…I mean, if there were another one…

  5. I’m really not all that worried about it. I don’t think I’ve said anything too bad. Although I’ll have to go through and look.

    My last job was the one I was worried about, since I wrote AT work while writing about my job search! 🙂

    I’m too much of an attention whore to care, because when it comes down to it, I want lots of people to read.

  6. Yeah, I never wrote about work, but worried about them finding it and seeing all of the timestamps between 8 and 5:) After my boss added me on myspace I changed all of those blog times, but then once I realized how much time she spent there, I didn’t care.

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