Posted by: kristabella | February 19, 2007

Who Knew?

So I’m sitting here in my room blogging. (Wow. That sentence makes for an interesting post.) Oh, and did I mention I just worked out downstairs? And that included running? RUNNING! I’m quite proud of myself. It wasn’t so bad. Jenn sent me some training guidelines. And I’ve been reading up on it. The key is to not do too much too soon, otherwise you’ll end up hating it. So I’m taking it slow. But I took the first step. And I feel good. And I need to keep it up.

The treadmills in the hotel have a TV built right in. That’s pretty damn cool. Because usually I don’t like to watch what they have on in the gym. Like my last gym, which showed the Food Network. Sorry, I’m already fat and hungry, don’t make me even hungrier. And I hate Rachel Ray. Working out = already not fun. Add that squeaky bitch into the mix, making meals in 30 minutes that would normally take a normal person an hour, and now you see why I never went. And let them take money out of my account every month.

Last night after I landed, Amber, Rich and I went out in Ballard for dinner and drinks. We had a good time. They had PBR on tap. Which is good. And they also have Olympia beer in cans. Which is like Washington’s version of Old Style or Old Milwaukee. $2 a can, bitches.

And also? They have the best fries. And they serve them with French onion dip. Which rocks! It tastes so good! Ranch has nothing on French onion dip people. French onion dip for fries. Who knew?

Rich and I stayed out until about 1ish and I totally left him at the bar when he was paying the tab. I was so tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. And I knew he was going to drag me into the club next to the pub. So I just went home. And good thing. Because he’s hurting today. Can’t even rally himself up to drink tonight. (Which, oh my, thank God! I just want to watch TV, take a bath and get to bed early.)

And that’s all I got. Because training was training today. I didn’t see any of the consulting people. They are on another floor. Which is fine. Most of them work out of the office anyway.

But I wanted to share the awesomeness that is the Hotel 1000 in Seattle. Check out this room.


Two words – Flat Screen


Comfy bed


This is the world’s greatest tub. With the water. That comes from the ceiling.


And while you’re in the tub, you can look out into the room through the glass. And watch TV on the 40-inch flat panel. (There’s a power shade that goes down too, if you want some privacy.)

Awesome room. And finally…


Mmmmmmm beer…



  1. Um, is your company hiring?

  2. hey amber… nice cans! ha ha. get it? cans? anyhoo, we’re going out tomorrow kj!! and i love the water from the ceiling… hot!

  3. I’d never leave the hotel room!!!

  4. I do have nice cans…

  5. HA! I just laughed out loud in the meeting that I’m in where I’m not supposed to be checking personal mail!

    And I’m sad I didn’t think of the nice cans comment first.

    I’m enjoying the room this time around a lot more. Seeing as there aren’t any karaoke outings, or any trips on sea planes.

    Scarlet, if you’re interested in IT consulting work, let me know. We get recruiting bonuses!

  6. Ummmm, I’m not even sure what “IT consulting work” is.

  7. I am so proud 🙂 It gets easier the more you do it…so hang in there!

    I am so jealous of that hotel room…SWEET!!

    Hope you are having fun out there…sounds like you are…

  8. I’ve got to stop reading your blog. If all you are going to talk about are airports and hotel rooms, now that will make me puke. No, I’ll keep reading but please change the topics!

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