Posted by: kristabella | February 15, 2007

Brain is Mush

Also could be titled “Why I Am An Old Lady” or “ncioewniovndkj”

So pub crawl was fun last night. They had quite the turnout and there were $2 Coors Lights. Nuff said.

But am old. I cannot go out until after midnight, drinking Coors Lights like they are water. (Wait, they are water.) And then be expected to get up and come to work. On top of that, I had to drive today because of meeting with client and company sponsored happy hour (AGAIN, with the drinking!) Which meant that I had to get my car out of its spot. Its spot with a two-foot wall of snow “guarding” it. (I must have looked like such a weirdo walking out of my house with my shovel in my hand.)  So I started to shovel. Which is an exhausting thing, for those of you who have never had to do it. Compound that with the fact that I think I might have been a teensy bit drunk still and had quite a headache, and you can see why I gave up the shovel and just gunned the shit out of it until I propelled onto the street. (Not recommended.)

And then there was an accident and you know what? It takes almost the same amount of time to drive 5 miles to current job as it took to drive 27 miles to old job. Stupid Lake Shore Drive! I love you for all your awesomeness with the views of the lake and how no one goes anything in the vicinity of the speed limit. But you during rush hour is not fun times.

I have to leave soon to go out to the burbs for that meeting. And then there’s a call. And then happy hour! With the booze! And fried food! Good for hungover belly. Just like the Chipotle burrito bowl I just ate. Which made me feel better. But now I’m back to being just all kinds of sleepy.

And seriously, we were hanging with a bunch of kids last night. All these 25 year olds. Including this guy I gave out my blog address to. (Am shameless self-promoter.) And they were going strong at 12:30. And thinking of going to another bar! I am far too old to keep it going that late. On a school night! I do not bounce back like I used to.

Obviously. Wordywordytalkietalkietypeytypeysleepysleepy-andallotherkindsofnonsenseandmustgonowandnappynappy.



  1. Re: yesterday’s comments where you made fun of my unwillingness to go out during the week. Karma’s a bitch. 🙂

  2. snap out of it peter pan, count chocula. you can still go out like back in the day. you come to town this weekend, so suck it up. you’ve been out late and rocked them all, so buck up, jack.

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