Posted by: kristabella | February 8, 2007

Holy F’ing Shit

People. Pee. Pull. Grey’s. Meredith. Stop reading if you haven’t seen it. Holy. Shit!

My jaw hit the floor. More than it hit the floor than when the crazy Hanso Foundation, or whoever, had a bus kill Juliet’s ex-husband and then fucking showed up in the morgue with FUCKING ETHAN ROM! (That still gets me. Because he? Is all kinds of creepy.)

So what the fuck? WTF???? Like someone mentioned over at MamaPop, she’s not going to die. I mean, it is called Grey’s Anatomy. Not Yang’s Anatomy. And that little girl? She’s all kinds of Ethan Rom creepy!

(I swear, I think I had a post tonight, but I’ve seriously sat here with my mouth open. For almost half an hour. Shocked. SHOCKED!) (I’m also one of those people who doesn’t mind Meredith. She doesn’t annoy me, like some people I know. Some people who thought it was funny when she fell in.)

Totally did NOT see that coming. At. All.

Oh! And my friend sent me this story from E! and Watch with Kristin (she must be a genius) that Denny is coming back. Denny! Who is dead. D-E-A-D dead! Which has started all sorts of theories. Beavis said he’s going to come back as a ghost and lift the car off that dude. And he needs to be wearing a sheet and say Boo! I think Meredith is going to heaven and will hang out with Denny and the other dead ex-Seattle Grace patients. Or, before tonight’s episode, I said that Burke (because he’s a crafty one) is going to invent a time machine and go back to that night that he got shot and Denny died. (Ok, he didn’t die that night, but Burke will be not seriously injured and Denny will live. Ok?) And Meredith isn’t going to sleep with McDreamy. And it’s going to be all shits and giggles.  And maybe Chris O’Donnell is coming back? I should totally write for this show.

Really, that’s more exciting than what I was going to write about.

I was going to write this morning because when I logged on when I got in, I got some comments on the blog and my typical spam. And then I got a note telling me that someone named Foot Watcher added me as a contact in Flickr. “Cool,” I think. “Maybe he’ll become a new blog reader.” I didn’t even think about the fact that I took photos of feet and shoes.

Holy fuck that was creepy. I opened his Flickr account and in the split (split) second I looked, it was bare feet with cute painted toe nails. Lots of them. (Hey, at least they weren’t ugly feet.) And then I got the heebie jeebies. And then I had a meeting. And came back and was even more disgusted. I seriously didn’t think these people existed. (OK, I did, but never thought I would cross paths with them! Eww, eww, ewwwwwwwwww!)

I already don’t like Flickr. is way better. But I don’t think they have a way to send a link without having people sign in. I need to look into it. With Flickr, you can put titles and descriptions in, but can’t see those when you do the slide show. (I accidentally just typed slide shoe. Maybe I’m a Foot Watcher!) (My mom’s a Wheel Watcher!) So my mom did the slide show and was wondering what those light show pictures were from the Bay Bridge. She probably wondered what half of them were, but I don’t think she questions much with me. It’s much better to smile and nod.

So yeah, that was it today. My boss lady was out of the office today, so I didn’t have much to do. It goes in waves. When my client does something, they like to do it all at once. Andithastobedonerightnow! So I bought my new cell phone today, ordered a new CTA card because mine has f’ing crapped out on me. Which sucks because I don’t have any cash and I’m not loading $20 on one of those normal cards when there is $40 on the one that doesn’t work. (It should be here in 5-7 days. Cue the tiny violins.)

Oh, and I found a reason to be thankful for the cold weather! Seriously! We went to this AWESOME deli for lunch, which had a ton of snarky people working there, busting your balls at every chance. (I say balls because the guy was so nice to me and gave me 2 stamps since it was my first time there. Awwwww. But he totally ripped on my co-worker loudly to the entire place that he was boring because he asked for boring yellow mustard. They even told him “hope you don’t fall asleep with your boring sandwich.” Awesome!) They have the best turkey pastrami next to Max’s in California. It was so good! And they give you a 40-cent discount if you work in the neighborhood. Hey, I’ll take it. But. But! They had soup for 5 cents because it was 5 degrees outside. How sweet is that? I’m really hoping for a cold one tomorrow!

(This post is all over the place, by the way.)

And Anna Nicole Smith died today. How crazy is that? I do have to admit, we all cracked jokes in the office that it was due to too much TrimSpa. And then I commented about her poor new baby girl. Until one guy in the office pointed out that she’ll probably be a lot better off. Which? Is probably true. Because Anna? She was the epitome of batshit crazy. Although, if Howard K. Stern is the father, I do feel even sorrier for her.

I really wanted to start this paragraph with And or So. But I swear if I looked, most of what I write starts off like that. (See how clever I am to get out of that one?) My kitty-kitty is sick. I think. She’s puking. A lot. She’ll go through spells, but mostly it’s because she’s a long-hair cat and eats hair. On the ground. I do not lie. But she’s like dry heaving. And I’m starting to get worried. Normally she pukes and then goes right for the food bowl. But she hasn’t eaten or anything. And I’m not sure really what to do. I guess I’ll keep an eye on her. But I’m a little worried. Ok. Mostly I’m worried about her puking on me during the night. Because, ewww.

And by the way, Rush Limbaugh says I hate white people because I hate Rex Grossman. No, douchebag, I hate bad pompous ass quarterbacks who completely tank it in the biggest game of the year.



  1. OMGOMGOMG I HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET AND MY EYES KEPT READING AND I HAD TO (stop yelling, first of all) make myself not comprehend anything my eyes were seeing. So it’s amazing?!

  2. OMG! I told you to stop reading. It’s not like the clown thing I didn’t warn you about.

    Please come back and chat when you HAVE seen it.


  3. Hey, more “o”s in “Boooooooooooo!” 🙂
    Maybe Izzie will exhume Denny’s body and have sex with the corpse. I’m still down with my initial theory that Denny crashed the ferry. He needed more patients for his clinic.

    Actually, Meredith hasn’t annoyed me that much the last couple episodes. I thought it was funny when she fell in because a dude knocking someone off a pier into the water = funny. And seriously, Meredith, learn to swim. I know you said the water’s cold, but since this season’s been in a vaccuum where the calendar hasn’t been acknowledged, we don’t know what season it is. By the way, on Monday, people pretend you didn’t hear any of what I just said. 🙂

  4. Now, I’m one to laugh at any obviously funny things – people falling, tripping, etc. But Meredith falling wasn’t funny. Maybe because I didn’t see it coming. Hence the jaw on the floor. For 20 minutes.

    Also, water in Seattle is ALWAYS cold. It’s never warm. The air temp never gets above like 70. And that’s for like 5 days a year. It’s just like SF, the Bay and the ocean are FREEZING all year long. Rich/Amber, back me up here.)

    How about I push you off Navy Pier suddenly mid-April and you let me know how easy it is to swim?

    And if she could just swim to the edge then how the hell would they drag this damn thing out for three episodes?

    (You don’t know she didn’t swim either. You just saw her get knocked in and sink to the bottom. Because she weighs 80 pounds.)

    And she could have hit her head. So many things you don’t know. Which = not funny. It = shocking!

  5. there’s water in seattle? i’m too busy drinking at fridays to concern myself with bodies of water, unless there is rum in it.

  6. OH MY GOD!!! Denny is coming back? HOLY CRAP!! And since when does Meredith not know how to swim?? I think she must have hit her head. AND…take kitty to the vet!

  7. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow…no, Sunday. Oh, I can’t wait=/

  8. McDreamy has to pull Mere out of the ocean/bay like he pulled her out of the bath tub. Come on people…don’t you always turn Grey’s on for the symbolism?
    Meredith made a point of taking off her jacket to cover the dude, so she’s in scrubs in the water…sooner or later, she has to FLOAT to the top!

  9. Polar Bear jump events could be held in Puget Sound.

  10. McDreamy to the rescue he IS her HERO! I want to see more Denny!!!

  11. Thanks Amber! I know she’s always got my back.

    My mom is so smart! I didn’t even put that together. I also never see the symbolism in Grey’s. Now I will have to watch for that.

    I just want to make sure that when Denny comes back it’s not cheesy and makes the show stupid. So we’ll see how Shonda handles that. Can’t wait!

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