Posted by: kristabella | February 7, 2007

Land of the Lost

Lost is back tonight. Back. Baaaack bitches! Lost? Is found. I can’t wait for the episode. So I can sit there and be all “what the fuck?” with the rest of the world. Or “fish biscuits!” Or “fuck you Ben-Henry Gale!”

That’s about all I have. Thanks for reading!

Actually, I was thinking about something on my walk home tonight. Because it’s rip-your-face-off-cold and I need to think of something besides whether or not my toes will fall off. And how I should have worn boots so said toes don’t fall off. So then I started thinking about what to write. Because really, I need more trips because they make for easy material. Seriously. Especially if there is booze involved in any matter. (Hmmm. Have I ever gone on a trip where alcohol is not involved in some way, shape or form? Maybe when we would go to Door County to visit my grandma. But she’s an alcoholic, so she was usually drinking an entire jug of wine.) I’ll sing Baby Got Back in front of co-workers. I’ll take photos of chicks’ thongs. Or I’ll just post 100 photos about myself. But those damn travel posts write themselves. (Although the SF one? Not funny at all. I’m not too happy with it. I should have split it up. Too much going on.)

Where was I? Right. Lost is on tonight! A new episode! Wait. Already said that. I was talking about the thoughts that go through my head. Which, as you’ve witnessed with the packing journal, not a place you want to be. Get on the first flight outta there!

But seriously, I was actually thinking about how my life feels a bit out of control at the moment. Pretty much since I started my new job. It’s not out of control in a bad way. But more of a I’m-such-a-creature-of-habit-and-changing-up-my-routine-that-I-was-used-to-for-the-last-year-and-a-half-is-really-messing-me-up kind of way. And my fucking sleep schedule.

I love my job. I do. Seriously. Those people are so fucking funny. I literally fit in on day one. I couldn’t ask for a better crew to work with. Even the one VP from Seattle, Sloop John B, who is in town this week, told us today he likes being in the Chicago office.

But I think the biggest thing is having actual work to do. Which, I don’t mind. The days fly by. I swear to God, numerous times during the last two days I uttered “it’s already (insert time that it obviously doesn’t feel like)?” I love being busy. I love having things to do. I love being in charge of things. I love solving billing issues, or purchase order issues or any kind of problem. I heart my job.

Being busy, though, doesn’t give me as much free time during the day to do the normal shit I used to do. No more checking blogs. No more writing blogs. No more e-mailing up a storm. Not as much IM’ing. Even the stupid things like paying bills, or checking on my CTA card or shopping online. I just don’t have a lot of time for it.

Which means? I have to do these things at home. Not a bad thing. More privacy. Can watch TV while you do it. But since my job keeps me busy AND I don’t roll in until 8:50, I work later. Which means I get home later. (But much faster than it would be if I was still driving. Love. That.) So then I’m trying to cram a lot of stuff into a smaller window of time. Dishes, dinner, TV, ironing, blogging, reading blogs, feeding cats, picking nose, eating, yelling at cats, picking up cat hair EVERYWHERE, more eating. You get the picture.

Last night I was up until midnight (MIDNIGHT!) writing that post and putting all those photos online. Now granted, that was extreme because it was a long post (long doesn’t even touch the novel-like qualities) and uploading photos and writing titles and everything. Is time consuming. But if I didn’t do it last night, I probably would have gotten around to it on the weekend. And I wanted to do it. I had such an awesome time!

I know once I get into this job a little more things will be all good in the hood. And once I stop all the damn travelling (have I mentioned I’m going BACK to Seattle for work again in less than two weeks? That’s not going to stop the insanity. Not one bit.) It’s throwing me off. I need to get into a routine. I will get into a routine. But it’s taking longer than I thought. And for an anal person who is a teeny bit of a control freak and is a slave for routine? It’s a little overwhelming. And pull-you-hair-out irritating. But I’m handling it well. As well as a crazy person can.



  1. I’m watching Lost right now. Yeah, that’s right, I’m blogging AND watching.

  2. woo hoo!! feb. 18-21! we can go to the frontier room for $3 happy hour and then hit taboo up afterwards! this is great, it’s like we’re dating, but not. and i personally hate your job by the way, since we don’t IM as much anymore, but i do like we get to hang out all the time. so it’s more of a lerrrve-hate relationship.

  3. Scarlet – we need to blog with each other during episodes. So we can WTF together.

    Rich, no, we’re not dating. You only like girls with big Frankenstein scars on their foreheads. 🙂

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