Posted by: kristabella | February 5, 2007

I’ll Tumble For You

I’m sure you’re all looking for posts about the weekend and the Bears game yesterday. But I am hungover and it’s going to have to wait. I have had lots to drink and not enough sleep. But I do have some great stories from SF.

But I had to share this story today. Because it was insane crazy.

So yesterday I went to a bar to watch the game. I got there just as Devin Hester was doing a celebration dance after returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown. My flight was on time from SF, but it took me an hour to get my bags. I dropped them off at this chick’s apartment, who is friends with Rich’s hotel gal. Who he was in town to see. She lives like a block from the bar. We had a blast, minus the game. (And I shared many a beer with fellow Rex haters. And had 122 hits to this post. Which doesn’t have much to do with Sexy Rexy. But maybe I’ll have some new readers.)

Anyway, after the game I was heading out the door of the chick’s apartment with my bags and was planning on walking the block to the EL stop. It was late and I was tired. And my liver was non too pleased with the mass quantities of alcohol. As I was walking out the door, Chick’s cat ran into the hall. Chick started to run down the stairs to grab him. At the same time, since I was weighed down with bags, Rich’s chick, Wendy, got up and was all “I’ll get him.” Then, all of a sudden I hear a loud tumble. And then I hear Chick calling Wendy’s name and just getting all panicky and then her yelling to call 911. I panicked and couldn’t find my phone, so I ran back up to the apartment to yell for Rich to call 911. He lolly-gagged a bit because him and Wendy were just having a bit of a fight about something stupid and he didn’t think I was serious. I came in to grab a towel. I ran back down the stairs to give it to Chick and I think my direct quote was “Oh my God!” Wendy had this HUGE gash on her forehead and there was this huge pool of blood next to her. It was a lot of blood. A LOT.

Rich came down then and saw why I was freaking. He stood outside and waited for the ambulance. Wendy was telling us she was fine and I was helping wipe the blood off her face and her hands. The paramedics got there and told her they needed to get some stitches. She left with Chick. Rich and I were left to clean up the blood. Which was a lot of blood. Have I mentioned? We did that and then I realized “where’s the cat?” I never saw it go back into the apartment, so I thought it might have gotten out. So Rich and I were out on the street at 10:30 at night, after drinking a lot of alcohol, trying to find the cat. We looked for like 2 minutes because it was fucking -32 outside. We looked everywhere in the house.

At 11, I finally left. I hadn’t slept in days and I needed to get home and get warm. I left Rich to worry about the cat. I was sad, but I didn’t know what else to do. I heard from Rich a few times during the night because he went to the hospital to be with Wendy. She’s doing fine. Had a bunch of stitches. Gashed it way down into the muscle. They didn’t get back until 4 AM. And they found the cat way under the bed.

It was totally freaky. And very sobering. And totally random. And crazytown. And bad news Bears.

I had to share this. But have to stop typing. Because I’m shaking. Either because it’s cold. Or from withdrawal.



  1. Down to the muscle? Holy crap! Definitely crazytown – and what a way to end the night. Hope she’s okay. Great time in SF – I’ll send you pics soon!

  2. Yikes, that sounds so painful.

    Suri about the bars.

  3. great post! i would send you pic of the patient, but don’t think she’s appreciate it much. go colts!

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