Posted by: kristabella | February 1, 2007

Can Everyone Just Not Talk So Loud?

Wine + blogging – any rational thought + packing + early flight = One hell of a hangover x 10. If they did math like this in school I’d be Isaac Fucking Newton!

(I need to point out that I am unable to spell Isaac anyway but Issac because of having to type Issac Bruce’s name 8,735 times with the 49ers.)

I was actually going to get up this morning and read last night’s post again because I’m pretty sure it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written. Packing diary is only an excuse for you all to crawl inside my little head and see what random thoughts cross it. And as you can see, it’s not a place you want to be.

I’m on the plane right now. We sat at the jetway for about an extra 45 minutes (which is apparently the norm for me lately with West Coast flights) because the power went out in our jet bridge and they kinda need power to get the plane away from it and close the door. (Yeah, didn’t make much sense to me either.) And I’m flying Southwest which means they are all perky and giving you 100 updates. I like to be as informed as the next guy, but hey, pilot? Don’t get on and tell me they have a breaker open with wires hanging everywhere. Just as I’m about to fly 3,000 miles ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Bitch please.

I made it to the airport by the skin of my teeth. Again. I checked in online yesterday, because it is Southwest and my last experience to AZ checking in early gave me group fucking C. So I set the reminder on my computer yesterday to go off at 10 AM. So I got group A. Yeah me!

I was moving slowly this morning. For some odd reason. But I left for the train at 7:30ish. But it takes a little longer when you have 3 bags in tow. (Shoe bag not such a good idea, hindsight.) And the worst part was that it was 7:30 AM. So the trains were packed. And I had all these bags. And did the asshole thing and took up two seats. Because it was either that, or the bag was in the aisle. And man can I tell you the dirty looks I got for that. But once I got on the Orange Line to Midway, it was all good. There were like 3 people in my car. And? AND?? It was the Bears Orange Line train. If I didn’t have three bags, I would have taken a photo.

My flight came from Baltimore or Philly or somewhere not in Chicago. And these ladies have been on it from the start. And the flight attendant dude and them are all new BFFs. The one woman has a Southwest pin on. She was being all helpful when people got on. I swore she worked for them. They even let the one lady hand out peanuts. (I didn’t see it. I was drooling on myself. I heard flight attendant dude announce it. Woke me up, damn him!)

Before we took off, they made an announcement “If you’re Tracey Myers, please raise your hand.” I see the SW worked come back to the woman sitting in the row behind me. And she’s all “My sister is Ann Myers, but she didn’t come on the plane.” And SW worker is all “So are you Tracey Myers?” Lady says “No, I don’t know a Tracey Myers.” What in the…? Why would you…? Jesus Christ woman! Why did you raise your hand??

The plane is now starting to descend into Oakland (or The Biggity, Biggity O as Lynchie calls it. And probably others.) I should shut off my electrical devices. But I wanted to be let you know that this pilot’s descent makes it feel like a fucking nose dive.

Oh, the pressure in my head!

UPDATE: I’m here. And I got my nails did. I’m all gussied up!

It is a little weird to be here. I thought I would land and just love it here so much and not want to leave. While yes, I do love it here, I do love Chicago more. A lot more. It’s a lot cleaner. And on Chicago’s worst day, it smells better than San Francisco’s best day. Whose bright idea was it to put the tourist shopping district in the ghetto? I have smelled a lot of funk today. (I won’t even get started on the BART stank. Maybe all cloth seats and carpet (carpet in public transportation???) is contributing to that. Ya think?)

But it is cool to be back. I’m surprised it has taken me this long to make my return trip. I like knowing how to get around and not feeling like a tourist. I hate feeling like a tourist.

Now I’m going to get ready to go out to Happy Hour! It’s time to get our drink on! (In my Brown Line EL shirt. If I feel like changing.)



  1. I rode the Bears Orange Line EL into work today, too….it was also CLEANED…I love the smell of napalm…I mean disinfectant….in the morning. Wish I had my camera, too.
    Have a fun trip. How you managed three bags is beyond me. I have enough trouble getting downtown if I just have the one small rolly suitcase!

  2. Please tell me that this bay area wedding involves ghost riding!

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