Posted by: kristabella | January 31, 2007

Oh Shit

My intentions were to do a packing journal today. Because Amalah does them over at her site, and they are funny. Every time. And? I not so secretly want to be her. Or be her BFF. (I’d say I want to be her when I grow up, but I’m like three months older than her. And she’s like married and has a toddler.)

And I steal. But only good ideas.

That was the plan all day. Because I don’t have much else to talk about. HAVE I MENTIONED I’M GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO TOMORROW?

But then, maybe the worst thing in the world happened. (OK, maybe not the worst. I exaggerate.) I signed up to run some 10-mile race. ME. Who does not run. Ever. People, I signed up to run 10 fucking miles! (It ends at Soldier Field, on the field, but you know what? I’ve already fucking been down there, so really? What the fuck did I just do? PanicPanicPanicPanic.)

Here’s my rationale. Which I made sober. I figured, I’ve been getting so mad at myself for not actually working out. (And gaining weight and becoming a fat arse all around.) And I can never force myself to do any kind of physical activity besides walking to the kitchen to fill up my wine glass. So, I figure, this will give me motivation to get my ass in shape. And? It costs $40, and if money doesn’t motivate me, I don’t know what does. (Which is a lie because I let the old gym by old work take money out of my account every month and never went. Money is no motivation. Should be. Seeing as I’m poor.)

So yep. I’m going to become a runner. (Jenn must be so proud.) (Oh. And the HORROR!!!) And I need to start training now. Because have I mentioned? I don’t run. (Jenn? Help? Please? Helllllllllllllllllllp!)

So, yeah, that packing diary. I figured it really wasn’t worth the time because I am anal. I write lists. Almost down to what outfit I will wear at what time. (Almost. Ha! I totally do that.) And then lie (lay?) them all out on the bed. Because I am that fucking insane. So on my way home I decided “why not throw a little wine into the mix. That shall make this packing diary more interesting.” (Yes, I say shall to myself. I’m quite proper when talking to me.) (Oh, and wine will probably make me forget something crucial, like panties, or shoes or my damn dress for the wedding. Might not be so funny then.) On with the packing show!

7:15 Get home from work. I stayed until 6 for God knows why. To feel caught up, I suppose. Even though I was caught up at 2. Must be all that damned time I wasted signing up for a TEN-MILE RUN!

7:25 Dinner Wine time. I ate too. I had a turkey sandwich. And some chips. I added fruit. Wine is made from grapes, bitches. (Sometimes when I swear, I remember that my aunt reads this. I don’t worry about my mom. She’s used to that shit. But my aunt? My Godmother? She’s probably trying to get out of that deal. Hi Auntie Debbie!)

7:30 Oooooh … I forgot to watch I Love New York from Monday. Train. Wreck.

7:45 This is a bad show. Yet, can’t stop watching. I have to see what slapdick she ends up with.

8:15 She booted two guys. Yawn.

8:30 Was this a packing diary?

8:32 Glass number two. I somehow think my flight is late tomorrow. It’s at 9:50. Which means? I have to be on my way to the train earlier than normal. Boo.

8:35 I’m just stalling now. Listening to Sirius Hits 1. Because I already know what I’m going to pack. Maybe not, but at least the suitcase is still out from my trip last week.

8:49 Teri is coming to Happy Hour tomorrow night! She just got back from Miami and some early Super Bowl festivities. Where she almost grabbed Mike Ditka’s ass.

8:50 I’m getting up now. To go get out stuff to pack.

8:55 Dress? Check. PJs? Check. OK, all set. Where’s my wine?

8:56 I have two pairs of shoes for that one dress. I don’t know which ones will look better. Haro will tell me.

8:58 Bears shirt? Check. Bears sweatshirt? Check. (Am going from airport Sunday afternoon to watch game at bar. Could ya tell?)

8:59 Accidentally omitted. Bears ski hat? Check.

8:59.7 I have a sink full of dishes that I need to do before I skip town. They’ve been in there too long.

9:00 Also have to take out trash. And empty cat box. So much to do.

9:01 And I need to put that damn laundry away. I think it’s time for a wine break.

9:01-9:15 WINE BREAK!

9:11 Cat in the suitcase! (Interrupting wine break.)

9:16 Shit! Jeans not totally dry! Thank God for radiators. I won’t forget them. I’ll remember them when I smell burning denim.

9:19 I really think Yellow Tail Shiraz is the best wine you can buy for under $10. And? It’s only $6.99 at CVS. SCORE!

9:22 OH! Must remember to charge camera batteries. Must go do that now before I get distracted. Ooooh! What’s that shiny thing?

9:23 It’s an hour charger. Remind me to take them out. Before they like blow up the house and shit. In an hour.

9:27 I wear like the same five things. One of them being my Brown Line EL shirt. But it’s fucking cool. So suck it. Way better than something like a Pittsburg/Bay Pointe BART shirt.

9:27.6 Actually, that would be pretty cool.

9:28 So you’ll see me in that on Thursday night. Commenting on it shows me you read. It’s like some sot of blog reading comprehension test.

9:30 Know what? Exactly two years ago today I was fired by the Niners. Man, the things packing makes you remember. Suitcase, desk, it’s all the same.

9:33 Currently in suitcase? Dress. And cat. Currently in my belly? Processed lunchmeat and wine. Oodles of it. (That was for you Tina!)

9:34 Cats shed. Do they make travel size lint brushes? I need to get one. For now, must pack big honkin’ lint brush. Stoopid cats.

9:34.1 This would go a lot faster if I just packed. Instead of telling you about it.

9:34.3 That’s a lie. I’m multi-tasking. Thinking about what to pack while typing. Normally I’d just be standing around staring at my closet. And my sheddy cats sitting in my suitcase.

9:35 The Fray’s How to Save a Life is on Sirius. Oh how I heart this song.

9:36 Shit! I still have those dishes to do!

9:41 Tomorrow is the first. I need to write my rent check.

9:44 What’s the over/under on my finishing this bottle of wine tonight?

9:44.6 I’ll hear the collective laugh tomorrow when you all read that. HA!

9:49 Shit! Running shoes! Cause I’m a runner now. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit…

9:53 Small suitcase is not working. May have to check two bags. Too many shoes. But with another bag? I can add another pair of shoes.

9:54 Wait. Have to take EL and BART with said bags.

9:54.8 Hmmmmmm…………

9:55 Extra bag means more space for possible stuff I may buy. Since we’re staying in Union Square and all.

9:55.8 Hmmmmmm………….

9:56 I have a bag of shoes.

9:58 Jeans are dry. Ding!

10:03 Mom, there’s no way I’m going to be able to drop stuff off to you on Sunday. You knew it was going that way when I mentioned the bag of shoes.

10:04 I love having a DVR with Sirius. I am going back to listen to The Fray.

10:05 I still have those dishes, don’t I?

10:06 Riddle me this, internet. What jacket do you wear to SF when it’s going to be 56. When you’re coming from -10. I don’t want to bring big ass down coat to airport. But then again, have to walk to train in the cold. This is a dilemma.

10:08 And I need a coat for wedding. That looks all cute and shit with my dress.

10:09 Bag o’ shoes = a good idea.

10:10 What? You want to hear The Fray again? Oakily Doakily.

10:11 Is it time to get those batteries out of the charger?

10:11.4 Nope. 23 after the hour.

10:11.9 Thanks!

10:12 You’re welcome

10:16 This nice lady at my old job got me a bamboo plant as a going away present. Maybe I should water it.

10:22 Speaking of my old job. They hired a man to replace me. Which means they will actually give him responsibility. Besides mailing shit. And making coffee. And I’m sure he’s making more than I did. The CEO also hired an admin. Which means it took two people to replace me. TWO! I rule.

10:23 I’m done packing. I think. Just debating the coat issue. I think I could get away with sweater, hooded sweatshirt and Columbia fleece. With hat and gloves of course. When it’s -10 it doesn’t matter. You’re just going to be cold. 

10:27 I’m going with the red trench coat for the wedding. Which will look awesome with my dress. And my (possibly) red shoes.

10:34 Wine done. Me? Done.

11:01 Still haven’t done dishes.

11:15 OK. This is too long. I’m done. Like any of you have even read this far. I’ll start blogging from the plane tomorrow!



  1. Bag o’ shoes, huh? I wonder where you get your shoe fetish from? Oh, wait…I have summer shoes put away in a huge Rubbermaid container & still manage to fill a ping pong table with shoes for every season. Never can have enough shoes.
    Let me know for sure about Sunday & me picking up the suitcase & shoes. Have a fun trip.
    PS I read the entire post. You’re too funny.

  2. You are going to LOVE running! Crowds full of strangers cheer you on and you get cute t-shirts.

    Do the Shamrock Shuffle w/me March 25 — it’s just 5 miles, and they give you beer at the finish line!

  3. Since when has the pompous ass thing ever stopped you before? 🙂

    Go to Crepes on Cole. It is so ordered.

  4. Give everyone my best… Have a BLAST in our beloved former city. Warmest congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Leinenkugel!

  5. Yes Kristabella I do read your blog every day and I enjoy it immensily. I don’t know where you get that mouth from since NONE of us talk like that. It would take a lot more than that for me to try to get out of being your Fairy Godmother!
    Enjoy yourself this weekend!

  6. Good point, Senor. But I figure since it’s a semi-new year, maybe I should be a better person. Since I’m now going to be a runner, I might as well add anti-pompous asses to the list. 🙂

    Hmmm……the Shamrock Shuffle. I could possibly do that. It would give me a short-term goal. And I do love beer.

  7. Hey Kristin! I was both happy and surprised to see the running goals!! Cool! I am planning on doing that run too!!! I agree the Shuffle is a good starting point…I am not doing it this year, but have the last few years and it is a lot of fun…MAYBE I would do it if you needed some moral support…Shelly has done it before too!!
    YAY!! I am so excited about this goal! Let me be your guide 🙂 I have Wendy training for a 1/2 marathon on March 18th and we just ran 8 together…I am so proud of her… okay, I will stop blabbing about running…Can you tell I am excited?

  8. Okay…I am really excited about this run thing! I just signed up too! I also signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle…

    You will be a running machine before you know it…I got your back 😉

  9. OK ladies…I just signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle. And I can pick up race packets for you, if you like, since I work walking distance to Navy Pier.

    And let me just say yet again…Oh Shit! 🙂

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