Posted by: kristabella | January 28, 2007

Sweet Home Chicago

Sorry for the absence of posts. But like I’ve mentioned before, no one reads on the weekends. Seriously. I have stats and crap to back me up on that. Or maybe it’s because my blog sucks. Either way, I make less of an effort on the weekends.

So I had a post started on Thursday, after my last day of training and meetings in Seattle. I started writing it, but then left for dinner with a co-worker. And I didn’t make it back up to the room until after 2. So, no posting. (And looking back on what I wrote, you’re really not missing much. It’s all “blah, blah, hate sales. Blah, blah, Tom Brokaw. Blah, blah, NO MORE ROLE PLAYING!”)

I think Thursday night was the best night in Seattle. Yes, the karoke was awesome. And the plane trip. But Thursday I got to see Rich again and hang out with Amber, who I haven’t seen for awhile. (And who is an avid reader of my blog. Which means, I like her even more, if possible.) Amber is my former roommate from freshman year at ASU. (Oh, and sophomore year in the Sun River days.) So it’s crazy to think we’ve been friends for over 10 years. And we were just randomly thrown together by some sort of scientific system (I’m sure) that ASU uses to pick roommates. So kudos to you, Arizona State! We were way better off than others on our floor.

Thursday, we just sat around and drank in the hotel “lounge” and then headed off to Belltown. Very low-key evening. Which is all good on your fifth straight night of drinking. FIFTH! For the beginning of the evening, it was just me and Co-Worker. We were having some expensive wine (which we didn’t know at the time) chit-chatting about the week, Tom Brokaw, etc. We happened on the subject of blogs (mostly because we were talking about Rex Grossman, The Sex Cannon, from this blog, which likes Sexy Rexy less than I do. If possible.) And I just sat there, talking about having friends with blogs, yada, yada, yada. About 45 minutes into our wine experience in the lounge with the kick ass fireplace, Amber came in. I introduced her to my co-worker. Then I mentioned something about my Seattle visit. And she was all “yeah, I read it on your blog.” Cat. Outta. The bag.

I don’t want my co-workers to know about it. Not that I diss them or anything, but I want a place where I know I can say anything I want, if need be. Like Tom Brokaw’s kind of a pompous ass. I want to have my life away from work. Which is necessary to a happy existence.

I told co-worker that he didn’t hear that. And that what happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle. I’m hoping it doesn’t come up. Because I can’t lie. But it’s a good thing I have such a common name. Because you can’t find it searching on Google. So kudos to me for being so clairvoyant and knowing that it might be an issue when people search. (No. I didn’t even think of that when I came up with it.)

I’m really happy to be back home. I missed my bed. And my shower. And maybe even the cats. Although, Simba decided to get pissed at me and scratch up a pair of work pants that I had hanging. Damn cat. I now don’t feel as bad that I cut his nail too short last night and it bled. (By the way, I’ve never done that before. Not the nail cutting. I do that all the time because I don’t believe in de-clawing. (Mostly because I’m poor. But also because it’s amputation. Hindsight, maybe a good idea to save my pants and my couch.) But I’ve never cut too short to hit flesh. And blood. And I’m cringing right now thinking about it. I was a wreck. Another good reason to practice on cats before kids. That’s my new motto “Cats before kids!”)

I left the house this afternoon for the first time since I got home Friday night. I love those kinds of weekends. I just sat around and watched TV. Lots and lots of TV. I caught up on all my TiVoed crap that I missed from the week. And. And! I am all caught up on Lost! Just in time for the second-time-this-season season premiere next Wed. I’m still thoroughly confused, but now am right where everyone else is.

So, as you can see, there is a reason as to why I haven’t blogged. Trips to Seattle (or anywhere for that matter) create blog material. Sitting around your house in your PJs? Not good material.

Thankfully, for your sake, I’m leaving for San Francisco on Thursday morning. With lap top in tow.


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