Posted by: kristabella | January 23, 2007

Oh My Gawd Becky

This trip so far has been awesome. Sunday night was pretty good. We ended up at the reception in the hotel, and there was about 8 people there. We left the hotel and went to a bar close by and were home by 10:30 that night. It made me miss my NFL PR meeting days. You wouldn’t be caught dead calling it a night at 10:30. Especially on the first night.

But Monday morning, I totally was so, so happy that I got some sleep. We packed a lot into our session yesterday. We went hard from 8-6. (Although, the last half hour was sitting around drinking beer with the National GM. Have I mentioned how much I love my new company?) I wasn’t feeling all personable in the meeting yesterday. Which was bad. Because I didn’t know anyone. And they’re all sales people so they were all happy and talky. I stopped introducing myself to people because I wasn’t in the mood and I just started to feel really out of place. I was having some doubts.

But that all changed last night. We had dinner and drinks at a new rooftop of a new bar right near Qwest Field. It was a nice place. The restaurant and bar downstairs have been open a few months, but the rooftop room isn’t open to the public yet. And they opened it special for us. After that place, we went to some place for karaoke. The one VP wanted to go here. Which we all saw why when after walking in he was singing Ice, Ice Baby within about 10 minutes.

The drinks were flowing and we were all getting really comfortable. Almost everyone got up to sing. I was deciding on a song. I finally decided on Baby Got Back. Our other VP said “that might be the best moment in (company name’s) history.” Turns out? It probably was.

I got up there and was singing and dancing. It was awesome. All the other ladies were up there shaking their asses. It was awesome. (Have I mentioned that it was awesome?) Everyone was still talking about it today. Said I had the best performance by far. I also sang some other songs, but not as well as good old Sir Mix-A-Lot.

This morning in the meeting, the one VP, Mr. Big, (it’s his nickname. He kinda looks like the character on Sex in the City. I’m sure he wishes it was for something else.) he leans over and says “do you remember yelling M-C-P Bitches! last night?” And I didn’t. Until he reminded me. (It stands for Meetings, Client Interviews and Proposals. Some new thing he introduced at the meeting.) (I’d also like to point out that he was egging me on to do it at the end of the night.)

Also, other VP apparently said to one of people I work with in Chicago “she’s not shy, is she?” That is one thing I don’t think I’ve ever been called.

Today, we had like a few hours to have some discussions and then we were going on a Team Building Activity. We were told to wear casual clothes and dress warm. None of us had any idea what the hell we were doing.

Turns out, we flew on one of those small floater planes, you know the ones that take off and land on water? And we flew up to San Juan Island. And had lunch. It was the most awesome thing ever. And it was a beautiful day today. Only bad thing was the motion sickness from the puddle jumper. The way up was really bad. And I was really nervous on the way back. But I took Dramamine on the way back, which should be kicking in here soon. So I may start drooling on the keyboard.

Really, I’ve had a great time! And really am excited about this company and what they stand for and how awesome all the people are.


I know this looks so fake, but this was the view from out my window in the plane.



  1. How funny that Mr. VP man was singing your Olympic theme song from the meme at karaoke…coincidence?
    Glad to hear you’re having fun. Talk to you when you get home!

  2. Don’t forget the great sage advice: This is your third week there. Don’t make out with anyone! 🙂

    In addition, they toss and leave it, and I pull up quick to retrieve it.

  3. i’m glad you’re having fun… maybe i’ll see you one of these days!!

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