Posted by: kristabella | January 16, 2007

I’m Rich Beeach!

No, not really.

But I did get some mail today. Including…(drum roll please) my first paycheck! And can I tell you I feel 100 times better? (You totally thought I was going to tell you I got a check from Publisher’s Clearing House, didn’t you? Dude, that is such a sham. Only took me 8 years and 17,817 magazine subscriptions to figure that shit out. Am dumb. And a slow learner. So expect a Cat Fancy subscription for your next birthday.)

I didn’t realize how stressed I’ve been because of this no money shit. I never have any money, so that’s not new, but the whole in-between time is killer. For me and my checking account. (Good for my bank though. They love when I overdraw. They get dollar signs in their eyes like the cartoons every time I keep taking out money that I don’t have.) When I’m stressed about certain things, I tend to get very blah in my life. I don’t do much of anything but sit around. Dishes pile up. Laundry doesn’t do itself. The cat box grows legs and walks down the stairs. With the cats following. Until they remember I am One With Food.

I always chalk this up to being busy at work, etc. But I tell ya, I got that check (which was only for a week, but since I had -$200 in my bank account, really comes in handy. Yes that’s a minus.) and I was Girl Possessed. After I opened it, I did the dishes in the sink that have been piling up for over a week. I did two loads of laundry. I emptied the cat box. I cooked dinner. And I even took out the two bags of trash that were sitting outside on my balcony. For over a week. (Good thing it’s cold. Well, good thing for the neighbors.) And then I spun two plates on my head while balancing myself on a log, holding three dozen eggs all while solving differential equations. And knitting. And I felt so much better. (Must have been the complex math.) I must keep this up. (Must being the operative word here. Truth = no chance in hell.)

I have to say, I’m already loving this job. The people are great, but seriously? It’s all about the Benjamins. I like money. To pay bills. I mean, one week’s pay is almost damn near as much as I was making in 2 weeks at the old job. And I’m totally exaggerating. Because they didn’t double my salary. But don’t I wish!

I now know what to expect on pay days. And that’s nice. You can kind of calculate it in your head, but you never truly know how much taxes they will take out. I totally underestimated my first paycheck with the Niners and really had to question that $1000 rent check I wrote out each month. To live in the GHETTO! (But no, I never asked who the hell that FICA person was and why he took all my money. I figure he’ll get his. Karma is a bitch.)

So now, I think I’ll sleep better. And I don’t have to borrow any more from Mom. Life is good. I was really sweating it, too, with the trip to Seattle coming up on Sunday. I mean, I doubt I’ll be spending that much since it is a company sponsored event, but you never know.

Speaking of Seattle, I’m going to miss the entire NFC Championship Game on Sunday. The one time I wish I was flying Jet Blue with all their DirecTV goodness. Oh well. I’m not feeling too confident about our chances. Maybe me not watching will be some sort of good luck charm. I only hope if Rex has a meltdown like LT, I get to see it live.

On another completely random note, I want to point out to all of you that you need to set your TiVos for I Love New Yorkon VH1. NOW! That woman is all sorts of drama. (She’s the one Flav booted twice on his reality show and now she has her own Bachelor-type show. Please, keep up people.) And the best part? Those men are bigger drama queens than her. I have to say, not a big fan when she was on Flavor of Love. One or two. She was good TV, but too much all up in people’s business. And what did it get you? Not Flav. Once or twice. But she’s not as annoying when she’s not competing for someone’s attention. (Yes, she’s still annoying. I said less annoying. Less.) These men are crazy. And she kind of let them pick their own nicknames. And one is named Pootie. (And the giggle factor alone on that is exponential.) (I read the dictionary today. Shut it.) And he’s got some bats loose in the belfry. Pootie Tang throws himself down a flight of stairs next week.

Must. Tune. In. Or I may just have to hop off this log for a second, put these plates down, stop the knitting. And kick your ass.



  1. I am missing my office job right now just bc of the paycheck I knew would be coming every 2 weeks. Although, at the end they weren’t paying me so that wasn’t cool. But I need more money. I’m not into the starving artist thing.

  2. I feel for you. This has been a rough couple of weeks. Even though I would have gotten paid at the exact same time if I was still at my old job.

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