Posted by: kristabella | January 15, 2007

Bear Down, I Hate Rex Grossman

I’m baaack! I feel like when I don’t write every day or damn near every day I have let you people down. My loyal readers. And the randoms. Who don’t comment. Hiya!

And! AND! I’m not watching the Golden Globes at this minute so that I can write. For those of you who know me you can attest to this, this is a HUGE deal. I luuurve me some award shows. The glamour. The fashion. The endless mocking that comes along with it! And the Golden Globes are the best because it’s TV and movies. And they’re drinking! During the show!

But thanks to the wonders of TiVo (and the fact I hate commercials) I’ll catch up eventually. I’m not worried. Now this way I can fast forward through the dumb awards, like mini-series and foreign films and bullshit like that.

I had a bit of a busy weekend. Well, mostly Sunday. I worked the Bears game. (Nothing like spending almost 10 hours at Soldier Field on a Sunday. Stone cold sober.) (And no, Cindy, the Bears don’t have beer in the press box postgame.) My friend works in their PR department and needed some help with the media. Normally I’d say I helped in the press box, but I wasn’t even that lucky. I was manning the auxiliary media center, which was a cement room under the stadium, near the locker rooms. (Not near enough, so no, I didn’t see any players.) And we watched the game on TV. Like I would have done at home. Except I would have been in my PJs. But my friend needed someone down there that could get the job done that he could trust (or so the story goes and what he has to tell me to make me actually get up early on a Sunday and work a Bears game.) He wanted to not have to worry about the overflow press and handle the main press upstairs.

This is the second game I worked. The first one was a preseason game that I only did to A) get out of work early and B) to get my photo taken with Mike Ditka for my Christmas card. And it was preseason, so we didn’t have anything to do. And Roger has way too many press box workers. Five or six can easily get the job done. There is no need for 14. Even during the playoffs.

It doesn’t make me miss sports. At all. I mean, I love football. Love it. And I enjoyed my time working in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong. But sports has a high burn out rate and I was tired of it. It was time to get out. I wasn’t enjoying life. And if I want something that is going to kill my social life, I’ll have kids.

But it was OK to work. There were all these young “kids” working that just envied the shit out of me and my experience, and that’s kind of cool. And I figured out there is one thing that I miss. I miss knowing what the hell I’m doing and being responsible for stuff. I miss the fact that I have about 10 years experience dealing with media and running press boxes, etc. And I’m good at it. And I forgot that I was. San Francisco left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. (Firing will do that to you.) But I do know my shit. I can deal with pushy media and I can hold my own. I was good at what I did in the NFL. Damn good!

And it took a wide-eyed 22-year old chick to clue me in. She wants to get into the NFL and she was asking all these questions and picking my brain. And I was really trying to help her out because she seems like she’d be awesome with any team. Very bright, go-getter, very ambitious. Not much unlike myself at 22. And some very routine thing happened with a media person and I didn’t even think anything of it. Until she said “that’s what I need to learn and be better at – dealing with the media. You have so much knowledge of what it is like dealing with them and what they can and can’t get away with.” And I thought “you’re right. Now go get me a sandwich!”

Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t leave on my own from that team. Believe me, it was right around the corner. I was so donezo. But it wasn’t all bad. And I seriously think it has taken me almost 2 years to figure that out. I did learn a lot. I was really good at my job. And I had a great time, most days. And I have to look back at that experience (am finally able to) as such a great learning experience. And all the cool people I met. And all the connections I still have. And all the things that can help you at any job down the road.

And Rex Grossman is a pompous ass. Seriously? Just be happy that you won. I do not feel bad at all about the shit you get in the media. And they obviously do affect you, no matter what you say since you’ve never followed up a bad game with a good game.

And now, the shinyness of the Golden Globes are beckoning! Ooooooooh, shiny.

And Jesus Christ, Cameron. You’ve been single less than a week and this is how you expect to get a man?




  1. i love the “if-i-want-something-to-kill-my-social-life-i’ll-have-kids”reference. hahahaah! oh yeah, and we’re still looking for a play to get us 1 freakin’ yard… i think it’s called a quarterback sneak for crying out loud!!!

  2. I actually happen to like the dress she is wearing! Wanna fight?!?! 😉

  3. Yeah, it helps if your QB doesn’t bobble the damn snap.

    Schwerer, we’re going to blows! 🙂 Did you see it live? When she presented the award? Mixed together with dark hair and slut-red lipstick. Cammie, honey, us pale whiteys can’t get away with black hair OR slut-red lipstick.

    You know JT was in the crowd going “yep. Good decision.”

  4. OK one word for Cameron’s choice…EWWW!

  5. If the rumors about him and Scarlett Johansson are true, which they probably aren’t, he’s probably saying, “Good decision” regardless of what Cameron Diaz is wearing.

    The Sex Cannon ( will not tolerate your insolance! 🙂

  6. Ok so no, I didnt see the award show so I cant say exactly how she looked, but whatever…. I concede, U DA BOMB!

  7. i agree grossman is a frickin joke! he literally single handedly lost the super bowl for the bears…he should be cut immediately.

  8. Grossman sucks ass!! He lost us the game and acted like it was no big deal!!

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