Posted by: kristabella | January 9, 2007

Blah Frickin’ Blah

I don’t want to write. I don’t have anything to write about. So why am I doing it? Because life is all about doing things you don’t want to do. Like waking up early every day to go to work. Would I rather sleep until noon every day and eat piles of burritos, cheese fries and pizza? Yes. But I can’t. Because I’d be dead.

Work is fine. This isn’t going to be some post about how, day two, already hate it. I’m a little bored, but that’s to be expected. That and my boss wasn’t in today. So I had to keep myself occupied. Which I’m damn good at doing, if I do say so myself. But from my two days I know that when I actually know what the fuck I’m doing, I’ll have tons to do. Goooooood.

But these people stay late. And you know how it is when you start. You don’t want to be that girl that leaves at 5 like this is just some 9-5 job. But, well, for me it is right now. And I want to leave at 5. Actually today, I did much better than yesterday. I got in at 8:30, so a full day would have been until 5:30. But I left at 6. So not too bad. And I got home before 7, so I’m totally loving the train thing.

The Dunkin Donuts ladies know my order. I walked in today and they’re all “medium with cream.” (I’m so going to start introducing myself like this. “Hi, Bob. I’m Medium With Cream. Nice to meet you.”) And they always ask if you want cream and sugar. And I’m a fucking control freak. So I always say no sugar. One, because I don’t want sugar. I want 2 Sweet N’ Lows. And two, I figure they don’t have any Sweet N’ Lows to put in and they’ll put in sugar. And I DON’T WANT SUGAR! But my new friends are all “I’ll put that in for you next time.” I have friends for life. Friends that feed me coffee. Just how I like it. Caffeine is like a free ride to friendship. Unless I don’t like you. Then just give me free coffee and be on your way.

I made that pasta dish thingy tonight. It was okay. It was a Weight Watchers recipe. But it was pretty tasty for low-fat. It was just really bland. So it needs more salt. And it calls for 5 cups (!) of spinach leaves, which they say will wilt in the heat of the sauce. (Seems reasonable. I’ve had dishes with wilty spinach in it.) But? Five cups of spinach is a lot of damn spinach! So? No wilting. Which, then it’s like a spinach salad with some pasta in it. Weird. And pine nuts? Taste like dirty feet.

(Dude, I’m a little cranky right now, aren’t I? This wasn’t meant to be Rant-a-saurus Rex.)

Tomorrow Rich, sorry $tabone, comes to town. So I’m supposed to meet him out tomorrow night. But he won’t be downtown until like 7:30 or so. So it looks like I’m either working late. Or drinking early. By myself. They’ll be other people in the bar.

And now, I must go to bed. Because we have an eight o’clock meeting tomorrow morning. And that’s earlier than I’ve been up in a long time. I haven’t been on time for a job since, well, um, maybe it was that one time. I bet I was on time for my first day at the Niners. July of 1999. I’m about due for a repeat performance.

Apparently I did have something to write. And by something, I mean crap.



  1. I was going to tell you not to bust your butt trying to find the pine nuts cuz I planned on picking them out of the pasta dish if you made it for me. Can’t like them…I got sick on a variety of them in Mexico cuz they were the only snack-y thing they had there.

  2. Hehe, medium with cream. 🙂

  3. I was hourly at my previous job while a lot of the others were salaried so I would tell myself (and others if I felt the need) that I was really saving the company money by getting there late everyday and leaving right at 5.

  4. Leave at 5:00 bad?? Ooops!

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