Posted by: kristabella | January 8, 2007

Working Class Hero

I am back in the world of the working.

Today was my first day at new job. And it was a good day. The biggest complaint I have? (I mean, who I am I kidding? I have to rant first.) I have a laptop, not a desktop. (No, that’s not my complaint.) But it’s all small text and teeny tiny icons and shit. I feel like I’m about 100 years old. I’m squinting all day. And I have the world’s worst headache. And it’s like this weird shit where you can’t get e-mail unless you log into the server in Seattle, which brings up a whole other desktop, that you can’t configure and can’t change the damn size of anything! (I know…blah, blah, blah, I have a fucking headache. And am old.)

But it was a great day. I mean I have a laptop. That I can take home. And blog. From anywhere.

Our office is like an open office. Like on The Office. (I just won a contest for the amount of times I can say office in one office-rific sentence.) So it’s really cool. There’s only about 10 people in the actual office. All the others are consultants. And work other places. But my co-workers? They are young. And chatty. And hilarious! I’m going to fit in well.

But I totally have to hone my skills of being the public transportation commuter. I fumbled like Ricky Williams (AKA Small Girly Hand Man) (TM-ish Jim Mora) (And NO, it’s not Jr. He’s not a Junior! They have different middle names.) And I have to stand. Few things I learned. Don’t take coffee in the AM if you want to drink it on the train. Because you’re gonna have to stand and you’ll probably just get it all over you. Don’t bring coffee in the AM if you want to drink it and read the paper. That’s not easy to do sitting, let alone damn near fucking impossible when you’re standing. Unless, again, you want it all over you. Also, it’s hot on the train. And cold outside. Not fun.

And I also noticed these trendy bitches who were wearing heels. Not gym shoes, like me. And I felt a little stupid. And completely frumpy. Until I started walking the four blocks to my job. And there were random patches of ice (I said it was cold, bitches!) and was just waiting for one of those bitches to eat it. It didn’t happen. And I’m still going to wear my gym shoes. And flip flops in the summer. Because comfort comes first, skanks.

My company is based out of Seattle. They have like whole floors of people there. So everything runs through there. And the Chicago people I work with, they don’t know much. It is a little irritating because it was all “sign on to your computer and let’s get going.” That’s about all I got. I had some forms to fill out. But no health insurance info. Apparently there’s a “checklist” on the extranet, which I found. So I’m getting there. Part of me likes the freedom, but part of me wanted to yell “it’s my first day, tell me what to dooooooo!” (Wah wah)

Like this trip in a few weeks. They’re all “just buy your tix.” And I’m supposed to stay for an extra few days for orientation, yet no one really knows the details of this, like what day can I come back? I’m far too anal to just, like, wing it. But big boss man from Seattle is in tomorrow. So I’m hoping he can give me the scoop. And tell me my title. So I can order business cards. I think. No one’s really said anything about that. Will check extranet tomorrow.

(Oh, and it doesn’t help that the Office Manager, who would know all this shit, is out of the office this week.)

But I know these things will be the things I LOVE in a few weeks when I get the hang of everything. It’s completely opposite from my last job. And the hours are completely flexible. I mean, get in when you want, leave when you want. For the most part. And? I got free coffee and free lunch today.

Overall? This is a great, great move. And I have to go now. Because my head is going to explode. Or my eyeballs might just pop right out of the socket. And you thought the mushrooms were disgusting.



  1. I figure you’ll be running the new place in a week or so….

  2. this is a great post. love the football and whore heels references. did you find out when you’re coming up here??

  3. Whore heels. Nice one. That will make a repeat appearance here.

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