Posted by: kristabella | January 4, 2007

Why I Should Always Be Employed

You know what, Internet? Being unemployed? Is kinda boring.

OK…am not really unemployed. But technically because all this nothing I’m doing this week? Not getting paid for it.

Might also be a little drunk right now. (Just so you know Internet? Little = a lot) Which, good for you all. Maybe not best idea for me as I continute (hee) (at least I know when they aren’t right!) to misspell words and the backspace key has run and hid from all of the pushing. From all the mistakes. Which I totally just typed as mistkaes before I used the spell check and shit.

And you know what else? I totally hit like control something and deleted part of this hilarious pots. No, not pots. Post. And am very mad about that. Shaking fist mad. Except fist holds beer. That I am drinking.

So I wasn’t going to post today. And since it is 11:45 right now (Pee. Emm.) I don’t think this will actually fall under “today.” But I’m not under the thumb of the NaBloPoMo shit anyway, so ha! Ha! (Is this funny to anyone else? Because I’m DYING! And should totally keep the misspellings. I mean mis-typings. Much more hilarious that way. To me, at least.)

Any-who. I wasn’t going to post. Because my life sans job (who says sans when they’re drunk?) (Am so fucking funny and witty.) is boring. I mean, seriously, I bore myself. And since I routinely talk to myself, that should not happen. I mean, there is only so much Match Game a person can watch!

Today, the highlight was the fact that some guy named Dong made it to the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. And he lost. Because he overbid. Poor Dong. Automobile?

You lost the automobile, dumbass!

(OK…that made me laugh out loud. And if you didn’t, you’re either un-Maerican (or un-American) or The Jens, because she hasn’t seen the movie. Ever.)

So today I went shopping downtown. I had no good stories. Except that I bought some new clothes. (Like the Emperor) And had to go like three extra blocks to get some coffee. Because my EL station is closed and there is a Starbucks on the way to that EL station. And then I forgot to put sugar in my latte. Oh, the humanity! That was it.

But then. Then! Susie called to invite me out for some beers. Because she was having a really bad day. And yeah! Interaction! With people! I know!

But that didn’t lead to much. No interesting conversations. (We actually talked about mulch and erosion control. Don’t ask.) And no interesting people. (Except the bitches who only apparently came to the bar because Notre Dame was playing and they figured football = guys.) (And by the way, who wants to be with a douche who roots for Notre Dame?)

And then I came home. With the muchies. Because I had 5 Blue Moons. (Mmmmm…Blue Moons.) So I decided to break out the Baked Ruffles. And you know what goes well with Baked Ruffles? When you’re not working tomorrow? More beer.

And here is what you get with that.


Must now step away from the computer. Because really? This is only funny to me!

(Am such a photographer.)



  1. Nice picture. Seriously.
    I think it was a full moon yesterday, cuz I had a lousy day at work, too…I even thougtht to call you to see if you were still downtown & wanted to meet me for a beer. Sounds like you had some for both of us. Good.

  2. Well this isn’t fair. I’m semi-unemployed and not having half as much fun!

  3. Shut up! Cindy has never seen Sixteen Candles? What a loser! If I were in Chicago, I would have called and gone out with you. I love Blue Moon beer, however my vice is some cheap chardonnay and Cheeze-Its. Now THAT rules.

  4. I know! She’s never seen it! And it’s on TBS all the time!

    If you lived here, I’d be in the DAR and we’d be drunk. A LOT!

    And it would be AWESOME!

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