Posted by: kristabella | December 30, 2006

Crawl Schmawl

Bar crawl? Stupid. This is momentous for me to even utter those words. Because multiple bars in one evening always equals a good idea. But this one not good.

See, I went to the one last year. And we had a good time. It was the weekend before Christmas. And it was in Wrigleyville. We went to some cool places. Big places. This year, they moved it to the Friday night before New Year’s, a day I think most people probably didn’t work or got off work early. So that was problem number one. There were too many fucking people.

We joined in at bar 5. We got there earlier to eat. Because with 12 bars, I need food in my belly. Otherwise, it could get quite messy. Quickly. By that time, 9 PM, nine, they had already given out the 150 badges that they made. There were over 150 people on this crawl. Cool. But not.

Because the bars they chose, still close to Wrigley, but on Southport, were a lot smaller. These places were jammed. Before the massive bar crawl even got in line. Yes. I said line. We had to wait in lines. For bars we were only spending 30 minutes in. Which, um, hello? Dumb.

So we skipped about 5 bars. And jumped to the last one at about 10:30. Which was good. It was not as crowded. And we got a seat. Good times. But I didn’t stay much longer and hopped in a cab and got home. Because I was tired. And didn’t want to watch Susie make out with Mac store guy anymore.

So the highlight of my weekend so far?

One, I bought this cute little notebook at this cute little store for all my new blogging notes.

Two, my friend and I found this really cute new coffee shop/cafe on Lincoln that had good food. And had board games, so we’re heading back there soon to brush up on our Trivial Pursuit skills.

And those two things? Way more exciting than bar crawl.

I mean, I even thought about drunk posting last night when I got home, but all that I could think of to write was cndio;fgnmvklc;sdnkv;djweio. Because I had no funny stories from the crawl. So I went to bed. You’re welcome.

Although, now I’m thinking there was something relatively entertaining that I think I said out loud to no one in particular “that could be blog worthy.” I think it had something to do with someone coming into the bar. Or the cars on the street. (All very exciting, clearly.) And I had my notepad, but didn’t write it down. So it apparently wasn’t worthy. Or after 7 beers, I thought I would remember it.

Let’s hope that this freaking New Year’s party I am going to tomorrow night has some decent stories. Either that, then I’m going to share a blow-by-blow conversation of my brunch with Senor Beavis tomorrow. And no one needs that. We’re much funnier in blog or text format.



  1. You’re right. Great brunch. Bad blog material.

    And I will officially stomp you at Trivial Pursuit. 🙂 I’m the Wiz! Noooooobody beats me! (Except my brother).

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