Posted by: kristabella | December 29, 2006

Bittersweet Symphony

It’s here. My last day. And I’m excited. I am. But I’m also a little sad. I get to be sad, right? (Am also bored out of my mind because I have nothing to do. Everything is all tied up in a neat little package and I’m just surfing the ‘net. And so leaving at 2.)

See, yesterday, I finally had that sit-down with my boss. To go over all my responsibilities. And he? Was fucking overwhelmed. And he shouldn’t be. A lot of the notes were 1/4 page notes on nothing. Some were notes on things that are done and nothing more than an FYI. I’m a PR person by trade. I can make a whole lot of something out of a whole lot of nothing.

But he freaked out. And told me that “when I realize this is a big mistake, he’ll be more than happy to take me back.” Now, I know what you’re thinking. What as ass! (And, kind of.) But in all honesty, I don’t look at it that way. (Believe me. You have to know him. ‘Tis a good thing. In his way.)

See when the other admin left last year, he was just pissed. He talked so much shit about her behind her back for every day of her last two weeks. (He still kinda does. Over a year later.) Going on and on about how “the grass isn’t always greener.” Which is why I was anticipating the same thing when I told him. But it was never like that. He realizes he was lucky to have me and my talents and that I lasted as long as I did. (Clearly.) (And duh!) So the fact he would “take me back” means there are no hard feelings.

Whatever. It makes sense to me.

But I couldn’t help from telling him it isn’t going to be a big mistake. Because I can’t bite my tongue. And I have a big mouth. And seriously? I wouldn’t come back here. 

Then he took me out for lunch. And the CEO joined us at lunch. And? It was really nice. I was a little scared when they started to ask a lot of questions. They wanted to know what it was that they as a company can do better so that awesome people like myself don’t up and leave after a year and a half. (And they totally told me I was awesome.) (Well, not really.) And, we hadn’t even ordered yet! So I’m not going to be all “no one can make a fucking decision in your company!”

But I told them the truth. Sorta. Well, mostly. I told them that when I first started looking for jobs after I moved back, I was convinced that I wanted to be an administrative assistant. (Clearly, I still reeling from being fired and the big move. Must have been the change in scenery from SF to Chicago? The change in altitude? Hindsight, not a good decision.) I didn’t even look for PR jobs. PR and me were totally on a break. And this job appealed to me because it was administrative, but it was more. Or so I thought. There was like marketing stuff. And trade shows, which is like event planning, which I wanted to do. Which they ended up just taking away from me anyway. Boo.

So I told them that when I started, I was comfortable with this idea. But as time went on, I missed having responsibility. And I want to be in a position where I can have responsibility and where there is room for advancement. Where I didn’t have to ask for permission to use the fucking bathroom! (No, I don’t really have to ask. Exaggeration for the point of emphasis people. But just about everything else.) So it’s really nothing against them as people or them as a company. It’s what I had to do. For me. Yada, yada, yada.

And CEO (who is now talking to me. Am so happy about that. Because he’s a good guy and not talking to him and joking with him bothered me.) (Although, maybe he was still mad about the Chia Head thing. Hmmmm…) asked what I took from this job, etc. And I did learn things in this job. (I learned a whole hell of a lot about mulch and erosion control. That’s for damn sure.) (And that was my first answer to his question. Diffuse with humor. Diffuse with humor.) I mean, the corporate world is different than sports. Yes, there are a lot of similarities. But let’s face it, most companies don’t have half-naked players walking around the office or coaches walking around with no shoes. (I’m talking about you, The Rickson!)

So it was really nice. And the turkey club was awesome! Mmmmm…open-face club sandwedge.

And then, since neither of them are going to be in today, they said their goodbyes. And my boss gave me a card. Signed by everyone in the office. And a $100 Visa gift card! And they wrote the nicest things. So I am sad, just a little. And the ladies I work with, gave me a really nice bottle of wine. (Yes, they all know I’m a drunken fool.) It’s nice to feel appreciated and wanted and loved. (Because I am an attention-grabbing asshat.) It’s sad it takes me leaving to get that response. (Because you should sing my praises daily. Daily!) But still nice. And it all just makes it a little bit harder to leave. A little. Again, I’m still so effing bored.

I know this move is right for me. My gut tells me so. And my gut knows. Like Bo. It’s going to be more challenging. I’m going to be happier because I don’t have to deal with traffic. And it’s more money, which helps me get out of debt and work towards that grown-up goal of not paying rent. Which again, equals happy me. And happy me is a good thing. For all the land.

I have to say this whole quitting, um, resigning thing is a hell, HELL, of a lot better than getting fired. No one gives you gifts when you get the boot. Unless you think the empty boxes you get to pack up your shit in is your going away gift.

I still am super excited! To have a week off! And to start my new gig! So, yeah, sad, blah, blah, blah, Woot! So to celebrate, I’ll be participating in a good old-fashioned bar crawl tonight. The 12 Bars of Christmas (a week late). Don’t you just love the drunken debauchery of it all?

Is it 2 PM yet?



  1. great luck and success in the new year-new job etc. etc. etc.

  2. I totally got gypped when I left my last job. They loved me, but I gave me two weeks and then a week later most of the company was laid off. So I spent my last week miserable and bored and I couldn’t even be outwardly happy about my new job bc most everyone else was going to be unemployed soon.

    Yay for your last day, though. And the $100 gift card? HOTT!

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, that would be tough when you know people are going to be out of work. And not by their own choice. No fun.

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