Posted by: kristabella | December 24, 2006

Eve of Reminiscing

I’m so glad that December is ending. And I won’t be stressing about my self-imposed writing decree. Because you know what? I don’t really feel like writing on Christmas Eve. Or Christmas Day. So expect something totally cheestastic tomorrow. No one reads on weekends/holidays anyway. So I’m just thinking of you, the readers, and giving you less to catch up on come Tuesday, or Wednesday for those of you who work for cool companies that gave you the 26th off.

I need to write quick so that I can get my cookies out and get to bed. I don’t want to walk in on Santy Claus. Putting presents under my…coffee table? Hmm, where does he put them when you don’t have a tree? He best not just leave them outside the door under the wreath, lazy fat man.

So I just got back from the traditional Christmas Eve dinner with my stepmom and half-sisters. It was quite the time, as always. The food was awesome, as always. It’s interesting to see my sisters as grown people. I was 11 when the oldest was born, so I pretty much was grown when they were babies. And now the oldest is in college. (Am soooo old.) (And by the way, was I like that when I was 18?) But we had a great time and very causal, which is just how I like it.

I started thinking about my holidays I spent in California when I was working for the 49ers and we didn’t have the luxury to go home for Christmas. Or the luxury of even having the day off sometimes. At least not since they changed the start of the season until after Labor Day. In 2000 we had our last game on 12-23 and I got to go home. Because we were 6-10. (And no, sadly, I didn’t have to look up the date of the game. We played Denver. In Denver. And I think we lost 23-9.) (I really need to get out more.)

But I had some wonderful Christmases in Cali. My favorite was probably the year I went over to Jack and Cindy’s and we had such an awesome, homemade Christmas dinner of chili cheese dip. And cheesy potatoes. And booze. Cindy thought she could go shopping on Xmas day. Only Walgreens was open. And the Asian market.

Then there was my last Christmas in 2005 when I went to Amber’s parents’ house. It was awesome because we had enchiladas and homemade tamales. I was in heaven because I lurrrve Mexican food. Amber was not pleased. Give her a good ham or turkey. And then we played Jenga! Good times.

But I really enjoyed all these Christmases there. Yes, I would have enjoyed being with my family, but these people were my family. A lot of us were transplants and had just each other. And that’s all we needed. There was no stress. No drama. Just friends hanging out like any other day. We always had good times. And we usually went to see movies on Christmas night, which was foreign to me, but totally awesome!

The other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the drinking. Because usually I just crashed at Cindy’s on her couch. (That actually happened far too often. She’d probably second that.) And now that I’m back here, I am the driver. I drive for my mom and my Gram because Gram can’t drive anymore and Mom hates driving in the dark. (I’m so looking forward to getting old.)

And I don’t mind doing this for them. I really am glad I’m back here and able to celebrate with my family. Believe me. Why else would someone move from California to Illinois? I mean, you’ve seen my cute niece and nephews. They were reason alone.

But I do miss drinking bottles (yes, bottles) of red wine. And puking in Kirk & Teri’s bathroom. And passing out on The Jens’ couch.

Ahhhhh………those were the days.


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