Posted by: kristabella | December 21, 2006

Can That Second Post Yesterday Count As Today’s?

Whose stupid idea was it to write two posts in a day? TWO? That person is a dumb ass.

I’m out of ideas. I was on such a roll. The coffee maker post was like one of my favorites. I made myself laugh out loud while writing it. Am so funny. To myself. (And the many crazies setting up camp inside my head.)

And now? Nothing. Nothing exciting happened at all to me. And it’s all rainy and dreary. And I had to go out at lunch. For gas. And a gift card. And for lunch. (What an idea!) (I had Panera. Thanks for asking.) (And yes it was tasty. You’re so polite imaginary internet person I’m pretending to have a one-sided conversation with right now.)

I did some work today. I’m still bored out of my skull. (Yet, thankfully, have not drooled on myself yet. It is a feat. Believe me.) But seemed to be a wee bit productive today. And am now racking my brain to remember what it was that I actually accomplished. Must have been nothing.

Do you remember that Full House episode when Michelle gets away with everything because she’s a Princess? And then Danny Tanner totally has to punish her because he does let her get away with everything? And she’s in her room in the “corner” and she’s all “This is no fun. No fun. Looking at the wall.” (And in a cute before-those-twins-grew-up-to-be-hobos-and-skanks-with-eating-disorders sing-songy voice.) (And don’t deny that you haven’t seen every episode of Full House. Classic TV.)

That’s how I feel every day now. And I swear, people, for the love of all that is good and kind at this most wonderful time of the year, don’t call me a short timer. Anymore. Any. More! A year and a half at this place is not short. Is long. Looooong!

Oh, and I’m not jumping ship either. Am smart. And leaving. Before I turn into a bitter old hen like the rest of you. Or slit my wrists from the commute. Or turn into a vegetable from not using brain. Because I mail packages! You’re all just jealous. Jealous I tell you! (Shakes fist in their general direction, but not in enough of their general direction for them to ask questions.)

And apparently I actually won’t be bored. (Miss being bored already.)

I just got an e-mail from my boss. RE: Newsletter.

“Can you write most of it next week?”

Um, is “no” the wrong answer?



  1. I agree that the Coffee Maker post was a riot! But seriously, who is the dumbass who put the coffee maker on the same circuit as a computer server? SERIOUSLY! Who are those people you work with? I’m techy-sensitive now that I work in technology. Weird. Okay – gotta get back and finish my last two lessons so I can take my Photoshop CS final. Sick of this class…

  2. At my old office job, my favorite task was making the newsletter. Towards the end of my tenure there, when I had NOTHING to do, I would spend hours on that thing. I did a lot of “internet research” for that thing.

  3. just reply back… i’ll see what i can do. don’t hold your breath, though.

  4. Scarlet – I did actually used to enjoy the newsletter. That was the one thing I did like. Now I want to do nothing for 4 days. Least of all the newsletter. But I’m going to write as much as I can. Because I’m like that. A good employee and shit.

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