Posted by: kristabella | December 20, 2006

Kristabella? This (Show) Is Your Life!

You, loyal readers? Have hit the jackpot. Two posts. In ONE DAY! Hoo-Ray!  

I’ve had this post ready to write for awhile, but want to make sure I devote enough time to it. And it has been saved as a draft forever because I thought of this clever headline and yet again marveled at my extreme wittiness. And then proceeded to give myself another standing ovation. A. Nother.

So have you seen My Boys on TBS? If you haven’t, set your TiVo bitches! It’s a good show. It is like watching my life in TV form. (And for a TV junkie as myself, it’s a dream come true. Dream. Come. True.) (Except, I’m not getting any royalties or anything. Therefore, not so McDreamy.) (See? Another TV reference.)

Let me give you a bit of a background. The main character, P.J. Franklin, is this woman sportswriter for the Chicago Sun-Times. She’s a beat writer. FOR THE CUBS! So the show is about her and her guy friends, who like hang out all the time and drink beer and play poker and watch the Bears. And basically, she’s one of the guys. So the show chronicles her life with said guy friends and her love life.

(By the way, totally thought they said P.J. Fleck the first time. Which I thought was awesome and another Chicago nod, since he’s from this area. Kind of. And he is cute! Until I found out he’s now working for the Buckeyes. Oh, P.J. What happened?) (By the way, I ran into P.J. Fleck as I was walking running out of the building the day I got fired. Tears streaming down my cheeks. And P.J is THE nicest guy ever. And in typical P.J. fashion was all cheery and all “Hey Kristin!” And I smiled and was all “Hey P.J.” I later found out that he felt SO bad (see? nicest guy ever) because he didn’t know. And he didn’t. Just love him to pieces. Did I mention how God dang cute he is?)

Where was I? Right. The show. It really is a great show. Probably more of a chick show, but good. There are some things that bother me, though. Number one, they don’t actually film in Chicago. They try and pretend that they are in Chicago and a big city, etc. But it’s clear that they never are. I mean, one time they are sitting like in front of some office building with marble steps (???) and having coffee from a coffee cart (???) and you can see an attempt at that red Picasso statue that’s by Daley Plaza in the background. (It is Picasso, right? And it’s by Daley Plaza? Who cares. Hardly any of you actually live in Chicago anyway.)

OK, so that’s really the only thing that bothers me. But it could be thing one, thing two and thing three that bothers me. (And apparently I just went all Dr. Seuss on your ass.) Chicago is a great city. Film here, people. I did hear that she’s supposedly going to actually be at Wrigley in an upcoming episode. We’ll see.

Why is she like me, you ask? You need more than Cubs? And “drink beer?” Gee-zus, people. Well, I have been a tomboy and a huge sports fan my entire life. I mean, before mulch, I had worked in sports pretty much my entire adult life. I worked in the ASU SID office in the athletic department. I worked summers as an intern for the Kane County Cougars, the single-A affiliate of the Florida Marlins (now Oakland Athletics.) I worked for six years in the National Football League. (It sounds cooler if you’re thinking of Chris Berman saying it.) I went to like 13 Cubs games this year. I LOVE sports.

Working in sports as a woman is never an easy thing. Unless you’re working in the WNBA, I would guess. Otherwise, you’re always the chick. So they treat you differently. You work really hard to not make them treat you differently. No, I’m not a gold digger. No, I’m not a groupie. I WANT to work in sports. Because I like SPORTS. (Now don’ get me wrong, seeing professional athletes in no shirts every day and getting paid for that, is not a bad deal. But that’s not why I was there. I’d work for the WNBA. If it wasn’t so excruciating to watch such bad basketball.)

So in the first episode of My Boys, P.J. meets Bobby, who is a friend of one her guy friends. Bobby also happens to cover the Cubs. So they take a shine to one another and make out and fool around. (Not like me there. I’d NEVER make out with a co-worker. Or make out period.) The next day at work, she’s all weird to him, pretending they don’t really know each other. And in a conversation with her ONE girl friend, she utters the best line ever.

“I’ve just gotten to where they’ve forgotten I’m a woman. And I want to keep it that way.”

I think I yelled Hallelujah! Or rewound it on my DVR. Or both! That is what I worked so hard to do at the Niners. To be one of the guys. And I was successful. They swore in front of me. They told nasty-ass dirty jokes in front of me. They sexually harassed me on a daily basis. And that’s how I wanted it.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking exactly what P.J.’s friend said. “You have strange goals.”

Maybe. But don’t we all just want to fit in? I just wanted to fit in in Testosterone Land. And I did. Captain Estrogen totally conquered Testosterone Land. (Yeah. I know. Took that way too far. Apparently I’m much funnier during the day.)

I mean, the same is even true in my job now (minus the sexual harassment.) It’s all dudes. And I am one of them. I’m the one up late drinking with them on the road. I’m the one smoking stogies with them, shooting pool, just being one of the guys. I just get along better with guys. They are so simple. And I can talk sports!

But regardless of the fact that she’s the only girl, these people are great friends. And that’s what draws me to the show. That and it’s showing everyone out there that even though you’re “one of the guys” you’re still just as clueless as any other girl in the world when it comes to the opposite sex. Liking the things they do doesn’t make it any easier.

Just makes you a better friend. Which is what Gram always tells me. That I’m never going to find a man because I’m always just friends with them. Just like P.J. Rock on girlfriend! We can be spinsters together. You in fake Chicago. Me in real Chicago.



  1. I have GOT to see that show….the commercials always remind me of you. Plus PJ & KJ….

  2. your grandma loves me. hi gramma!

  3. Gram doesn’t read said blog.

    She’d shun me. And lock me away with the nuns if she ever read this.

    And probably be saying rosaries for me for years. YEARS!

  4. Hola…this stupid week has been so busy for me, I’ve been behind in reading. Go away and celebrate Christmas, people! Anyway, funny as always. Did P.J. Fleck write his own wikipedia entry? The first few lines made me laugh for some reason. (P.J. Fleck is a player in the NFL. He plays the wide receiver position.) Probably because I’ve been editing crap all day. Anyway, got the wedding invite and can’t wait to see you in Feb. Have a great holiday week!

  5. I can’t for the life of me see why a hot woman who’s a sportswriter would have trouble finding dates. I guess there’d be no show otherwise, but still. Then again, I’ve heard on the radio and read online guys saying they’re intimidated when women know as much about sports as them. That’s ridiculous. A hot woman who’ll watch sports with you is the perfect woman. Idiots.

    Also, doesn’t getting sexually harrassed by players make you “the chick” just be default?

  6. Yeah, I liked PJ’s entry too. Especially since he’s not in the NFL anymore. Clearly, if you just read a few more lines.

    Senor – I too am hot chick who likes sports. And am still single. (DUH!) And TONS of guys are intimidated by girls who know about sports. Because I’m not just a casual observer, I actually do usually know more than they do. And those dudes are idiots.

    And actually no, when you are the “chick” they don’t say anything raunchy around you. Or maybe that’s if they don’t trust you. Same thing to me. To me, it was all about fitting in and having them feel comfortable enough to talk about anything in front of me. Anything.

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