Posted by: kristabella | December 18, 2006

Great Space Coaster

For the past few days I’ve really been hit with the Writer’s Block Stick. I see this page and it horrifies me. (Why is there so much white space?!?!?) And most of the last few days, I’ve avoided the computer all together because I have not felt like writing. (And have been cursing myself and that damn NaBloPoMo or whatever it is. Although, this is why I started it so that I would force myself to write on days I didn’t want to. But seriously, what am I contributing by showing photos of my cats? Wouldn’t we all have been a little better off if I just hadn’t posted at all??)

And I was thinking about this last night on my way back from the ‘burbs. I met my friends out for dinner, and it’s kinda halfway, but not really. But it was a really good Mexican food place. (And that had nothing to do with anything.)

I was pissed when I got there. It took me an hour and a half. And it should take like 50 minutes. Tops. But 290 was JAMMED. My only guess is because the Bears game got out so late because of overtime (12-2 bitches!) and all the suburban tourists that were probably downtown shopping and were trying to get home at a decent hour. And all of us were on the road. At the same time!

We all know how I feel about traffic. I hate it. It forced me to look for a new job where I didn’t have to drive. Or at least not drive as much. (Well that and I’m bored and only mail packages (I’m up to 3 today!) and my boss is a bit of a douche.) So when I sit in 90-minute traffic on a SUNDAY, I get really irritated. Really quickly. No one else that came last night deals with as hellish a commute as I do on a daily basis. And I drive a stick shift. So on top of all THIS, my foot hurt! (Wah Wah)

So I’m sure I wasn’t pleasant company at dinner. I tried. I think I was good for the most part. But on the way home, going through the evening, I noticed I did have a bit of a short fuse. And just wasn’t my usual self. Which is weird. Shouldn’t I be so elated about the new job and everything? And it’s the holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or something.

But somewhere on Lake Shore Drive, I realized that I’ve been on quite an emotional roller coaster ride in the last few weeks. I mean, I haven’t really slept in weeks, either stressing about interviews, or getting the job, or telling my boss. So that wears me down. I am not pleasant at all when I don’t sleep. Ask anyone at the Niners when I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours a night for like 6 months. They can tell you I was not a resident of Pleasant Town. (I was going to say Pleasanton, as a shout out to the Reynolds’, but then people might be confused because that is an actual town. And I’ve never lived there. But it is quite pleasant.) (I was, on the other hand, a resident of The Cats. On two separate occasions.)

On top of all that stress, I don’t look forward to coming into work. I mean, I haven’t for awhile. But now it’s worse. Because my leaving is the buzz in the office. And with the sales team. And I have all these voice mails and e-mails from people. And it’s really sweet because I’ve been told my resignation won’t be honored. (DD even told me he was crying and that he would beg me to stay.) But can’t I just be left alone and finish up my work? And doesn’t anyone else have anything exciting going on that they want to share? Anyone?

And then there’s the traffic. Which irritates me even more when I’m stressed. And haven’t slept. And know there is just eight more days of it. EIGHT! The end is in sight. And that should make me excited. Yes? But it just irritates me more.

So, yes, I know, woe is me. My life is so horrible. But it’s my blog and I get to share whatever I want. And I’m pretty sure, this is better than cats. And I wanted to explain the lack of interesting/exciting/funny/non-cat-related material here. Because it bothers me when I’m not 100% and can’t really explain it.

And remember, no gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnu.



  1. Im the same way when tired. I have learned to just tell my friends when I’m tired to explain why I’m going to be a bitch. Although, they insist I’m not bitchy. (My sister would disagree with that.)

  2. I enjoyed your company last night…we all get cranky when life is tough. Hey, you still “toughed it out” and made it to the burbs, though, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

    8 more days and you are FREE!!!! I am so excited for you!

  3. KJers- you’re almost outta there… Seven more days. Can you believe it?????

  4. I can’t believe it! Crazy town!

  5. I don’t know how you remember stuff like that …I forgor al about The Great Space Coaster!
    Love it!

  6. Wow, I didn’t know anyone else would know about that. Of course, I can’t remember a thing about that damn show either than Gary Gnu. But Gary Gnu kicks ass!

  7. That’s about all I remember too. And a little of the theme song.

    It’s like Electric Company. I vaguely remember watching it, but not really.

    Remember the name, though.

  8. I loved The Great Space Coaster! Does anybody remember when blonde Actress Sally Struthers guest starred on the show back in the year 1982? Puppet Goriddle Gorilla fell in love with her! Sally Struthers played her face so hard while singing a song with TGSC cast that she got a headache! Please sign the bring back the great space coaster online petition @ www. because it now has 2,386 signatures. There’s also The Great Space Coaster Homepage @ www. great space

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