Posted by: kristabella | December 16, 2006

99 Bottles of Wine in My Belly

Note to self: When you start drinking wine at 11 AM and continue until 3 AM, it will make for quite a hangover.

So I don’t have much to share from the gathering I went to last night. Mostly because, as you may have heard, I drank some wine. A lot of wine. A lot! And there are large portions of the evening missing from my memory.

I was celebrating! My new job! And the endless amount of wine at Shelly’s party!

And since you’re all wondering, that Jim-Dude was not there. So thankfully there was no awkwardness there. Although if I told you he was there, that would have explained the mass consumption of booze. But alas, that was not the case.

I still can’t believe we were out until 3 AM. On a Friday. I’m usually passed out on the couch by 10 on Friday nights. Usually while watching Best Week Ever. But I guess the early start at the company Christmas party helped. You know what they say here in Chicago, drink early, drink often. Or maybe that’s about voting.

OK, now I’m off to watch my friend play in her new band. But I had to write something to keep up the whole posting everyday thing I stupidly brought on myself. And I pretty much just got up.


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