Posted by: kristabella | December 15, 2006

It’s the Most Blogtastic Time of the Year

So I’m trying to keep up my streak of writing every day. And I don’t have a lot of time today because I just got home from our work party and am off soon to Shelly’s get together.

First off, I would like to thank ya’ll for reading. Because yesterday I hit an all-time high with views to my site in one day. At a whopping 199! Which is huge to me. The previous high was 153. And no one but me cares about that.

Another stat that WordPress gives you on your site is how people find your blog. Be it from another blog I comment on, or a link through an e-mail, or through a Google search. I get hits with some of my subject lines. A lot for One Minute Inside a Woman’s Head. Or weird things, like thongs. From these photos. Or skanky Fergie.

But the most interesting hits I get are when people Google Paraag Marathe. Today, in fact, I had someone search “Paraag Marathe Kristabella.” I’m hoping it was Teri because I told her about it last night. Otherwise, I hope it’s a writer or something. Because I’m wondering if the Forty Whiners came across it, what the odds of me getting in trouble are. I know what you’re thinking. How the hell could I get in trouble from some place I don’t work at anymore. Well, when you sign a certain agreement after you get the boot, you’re 1) not supposed to tell people about it (whoops) and 2) to agree to not say bad things about the team in the press, etc. (Which was actually hard because after Kirk got the boot, I really wanted to defend him in the paper, but it was less than 6 months later and I didn’t think that was a good idea. Because I spent the money. And had no job.) (Not that I didn’t want to defend Kirk.)

I appreciate the readers. I just don’t want to get busted or anything. But I think there is a limit on that kind of stuff. A statute of limitations or something. Like a year at the most. And I’m past that point.

And most people probably don’t do Google searches for themselves (I have, but there’s like a billion of me out there), so it’s probably not Paraag. But with how much he blows at his job, he very well could be seeing what everyone else has already learned. Paraag, you’re a douchebag. But I can see Jed York or some other douche there Googling to see what is being said. We used to do it in the PR department with Lexis-Nexis. Google’s pretty much the same thing.

Because, really? Who the hell else has any idea who Paraag Marathe is outside the Bay Area?



  1. I used to get a lot more hits back when I blogged/checked blogs while at work. Now that I don’t have the office job with not enough work and nice internet, I can’t get as much done.

    But I LOVE to see the google searches that lead people to me. I get a lot for “Manassas strip club” somehow, though, which worries me.

  2. Let’s right a tell-all book. We could make billions.

    p.s. I may have to add you to my blog as a contributor since I post once a quarter. You’re my inspiration.

  3. Yeah, gotta love Google. I got a view from someone who searched St Louis titty bar. And it racked my brain for a good 20 minutes because I didn’t go to a titty bar in St. Louis. Apparently I mentioned it in another post.

    Kim, we totally should write tell-all book! In the words of Dave Chapelle! I’m rich, biatch!

    And I’d be happy to be a guest contributor! 🙂

  4. holler! kirk reynolds is great, even though he passed me over when he had a job opening years ago. ha ha. but i did make the super bowl last year, then got one of two nfc championship rings with zero diamonds in it from the “traveling party” of which got “real” rings. sorry, just venting. anyhoo! i love the yay, by the way. too $hort for life.

  5. He rightly passed you over. I think that’s when we hired The Jenk. And that was Kirk’s best move ever. Even over hiring me.

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