Posted by: kristabella | December 12, 2006

Stop the Insanity

Dear Internet,

Until I get my offer letter, I will continue to go on and on about this stupid situation. Please bear with me. It should end soon.

Thanks in advance,


So today was a stress-filled roller coaster ride. I had really, really, really hoped to have the offer letter when I came in this morning. Or by 9 AM. Because that was the time I had back-to-back meetings with my boss. And how perfect would it be to be all “no need to have this meeting. I will not be working here anymore. And I don’t care. Peace.”

But I didn’t. I still don’t have the letter. So I had to pretend in these meetings. Pretend. And LIE! Which, I am not good at. Have you heard?

The first was a conference call. Before the conference call, he’s asking me all these questions about the trade show booth for that show in January. And I’m thinking “I’m not going to be here. I don’t care.” When actually I should, because it does need to be done soon.

And then, we had a “catch-up” meeting. Because I don’t think he’s really talked to me in a few months. At least since he hired his new bitch, the new Marketing Director (who I don’t like.) So my boss starts this meeting off with all these questions. How am I? How are things going? Do I have enough to do? How am I getting along with everyone? General things. Not specific project things. Because when I did bring up specific projects, he’s all “I want to know how you’re doing and how things are in general.”

Good thing I’ve perfected the shifty-eye moves and looking in whatever direction it is that clues people in that I’m lying. Cause that’s what I did. Until he finally got down to business. The business of assigning me all these projects. And writing letters for mailings. And bringing me in on this big “initiative” that is going to be “great”. And I need to be active and take a big chunk of this project. And this whole time? I’m freaking. And maybe sweating. And I know my heart is racing and my blood pressure is through the roof. Can’t I just tell him???

I get out of the meetings and I have a voice mail and e-mail from Recruiter Chick. What day can I start? Turns out, New Boss is going to be out until January 8th. Can I start January 8th? And oh my God, is it getting hot in here and why can’t I breathe and oh my God who cranked up the fucking heat in this place? (Deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths)

Then my mind starts reeling. (See if I had a job where I actually worked, I wouldn’t have nearly this much time to think.) Do I want a week off before I start? Can I afford that? And when do I tell my boss now? Our Xmas party is Friday and I don’t want to tell him before that so he can get all liquored up and talk shit in front of EVERYONE.

(My God. Could I go on and on any more about something so stupid? I swear, I’m getting there.)

OK. So my last day is going to be the 29th. Because seriously, I don’t want to come in after the 1st of the year. And how awesome would that week off be? And I asked Recruiter Chick when she thought they would have The Letter (it is its own entity now) to me because my boss is going to be out of town next week (true) and I need to let this God damned cat out of the bag, for the love of all that is good and holy!

She said it’s with the HR chick and I should have it Wed.

Thank the Lord because I’m pretty sure you all? Never want to hear about this shit. Ever. AGAIN! I know I don’t. And holy hell I just need to shut the fuck up.

Now back to your regularly scheduled snark.



  1. OFF TOPIC, but what is the little smiley face on the top right of the page for?

  2. I don’t see a smiley face on the page.

    Um, that’s really weird.

    My blog likes you Scarlet! 🙂

  3. By all means take the week off between jobs. It’s healthier and gives you separation.

    Oh, and don’t stress about telling your boss. Enjoy it. It’s your moment, not his. You don’t owe them anything and shouldn’t feel guilty. Sure, they’re temporarily screwed, but it’s their responsibility to make the job not suck enough so that people want to stay.

  4. What’s with the letter? Do you really need it to give your notice? Or have you been officially offered the job and you can give your notice anyway??

  5. Chundley, I wanted to wait until it was official. Otherwise, I would tell them and the new place would change their mind.

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