Posted by: kristabella | December 10, 2006

Free At Last

So I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’ve cancelled my stupid MySpace account. Finally. I really don’t know why it has taken so long. I mean, I never go on to check it. But it was like I felt the need to purge myself of this stupidity.

I don’t get it. I don’t get the draw and what the point is. I mean, I can see in a few instances where it really works. Like authors, or bands or film makers. It’s a great way to network, etc. You can find a lot of people with similar interests, free help, get the word out about your next gig. I get that part of it. But that’s where it stops.

I tried to get it. I went on, uploaded photos, wrote witty little blurbs about myself. But I never went on to check it. And I would get pissed when I got those e-mails about a “friend request” or someone commenting. Just send me a fucking e-mail people. And if I don’t know you, why would I want you as a “friend”? I mean, I’m sending out over 100 Christmas cards this year. I have enough f’ing friends.

I know a lot of people who are insane about it. They are on it all the time. Meeting people, etc. But I have yet to know someone who has met anyone of quality on MySpace. I originally started it because one of my internet friends told me he was going out on all these dates. And then he started to tell me about all the crazies that he was dating. I have an excellent nose for finding the crazies as it is. I don’t need to spend endless hours online to do that.

It’s like being back in junior high school all over again. How many friends you have. How many comments people make. It’s just stupid. If you want to get a hold of me, text me. E-mail me. Call me. Why would you leave a comment on my MySpace page? Stupid.

So I would like to officially turn in my Young Person Card. I am old. I don’t get MySpace. And if not being on MySpace makes me old, sign me up for AARP, dammit!

(Oh, and I full on get the stupidity and unoriginalness (it’s a word) of this post. But I haven’t slept all weekend because I’m stressing about breaking the news to my boss. Who is going to blow his stack. And talk tons of shit behind my back. And to my face. So I’m batting less than .500 today. So instead, look at cute pictures of a baby. The cutest baby ever. EVER. Must have inherited Auntie’s good genes.)






  1. this is a great rant on myspace, but if you look closer, everything you’re pretty much doing on this, you’d do on myspace. it sounds like you just hate the man.

  2. Yeah, it’s not that much different. But now I only have one site to check.

    And I’m not getting invitations from Web Cam groups.

  3. In theory, yes. But I’ve never found that writing my blog compels me to post drunken pictures of myself without clothes. I read last week that you can pay a service to post fake “friends” on your MySpace page to make you look more popular. I’ve never been popular and probably never will, despite how much I may secretly want to be, so anything that winds up resembling a popularity contest generally serves as Senor Beavis repellant.

    Of course, the high schoolers, college students, and recent grads in my volunteer training all told me that MySpace was played and Facebook is the way to go. I told them I felt really old right now.

  4. MySpace is definitely for the younger set. I’m glad that you are grown up.

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