Posted by: kristabella | December 7, 2006

What the???

So remember how I’m going on and on about writing every day? That NaBloPoMo shit and all that? And I have. Yes, it’s just the 7th, but I have made an attempt to write every day. So yesterday, I spent a big chuck of my afternoon (while I was waiting for Excel charts to drop into the oh-so-important shareholder meeting PowerPoint presentation. Don’t you just want my job?) doing that stupid survey. And I hit publish before I left work yesterday to go hang out with Noah and Skyler (and Mike and Kim.)

This morning I go on and what in God’s name is going on and why isn’t my stupid meme post there??? So I go in to check to see if the computer ate it. It didn’t. There it was in my post history. So I hit publish again. And viola! There it is. With yesterday’s date on it?

What in the sam hell is going on here?

But I know you all could care less, but for my sake, I wanted to let you all know that I did actually write and post that yesterday. And have no idea why WordPress decided to censor me.

And I know this post was completely unnecessary, but I wanted to just bitch and moan about how much I hate my current job. (Because I can!) I am SO looking forward to that interview tomorrow and really hope I nail it and can come in here some day soon and be all “Shove it, bitches!” (Which, we all know I won’t do because A) I have no balls and B) I don’t want to burn bridges and C) I really am too nice and don’t want people to hate me.)

I have not slept well most nights this week, worrying about all this job stuff and thinking about stuff I really should get done before I possibly don’t work here anymore. Because, again, I’m nice and don’t want to screw people. Well, that all ended this morning. I came in and the witch who sits next to me got some sort of bug up her ass and decided to clean out the closet. And was bitching at me about all the stuff in there and how I have to get rid of it. So I pretty much said, “It’s not bothering me, but if you want to mail it somewhere, be my guest.”

So now, the less I do, the more she’ll have to do if/when I’m gone.

And no, I’m so not even putting the cart before the horse. OK, I am. But I feel good about this. Wish me luck internet people! Because if I’m still stuck here, I will go bat-shit crazy on everyone’s ass.



  1. bat crazy? i heard bats are nuts. can you video that when it happens?

  2. Sorry, I’m not going to be your sleep therapist. 🙂

  3. Ha! I JUST finished reading your OCk re-cap!

    Rich – I’m sure bats are nuts. They can’t see for shit.

    And it’s bat-shit crazy. Big difference.

  4. I feel ya on the “I hate my job” front chica!!
    Maybe I should start a blog to vent my frustrations.

    Good luck with the interview!!
    i mean dr’s appointment…
    my cat’s sick and I have to take her to the vet…
    i think i have food poisoning and have to go home…

  5. I encourage any of you to start your own blogs!

    Good times!

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