Posted by: kristabella | December 5, 2006

I Had A Chopped Salad!

So while I was checking out the NaBloPoMo site, I was looking at what they had to offer. I mean, I know the month is over, but I wanted to see what I could have won if I participated. There were some good prizes. I should have participated! Because I am all about free shit! And not shy about it.

So on that site, they mention a book called Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog. And the idea of it is pretty cool. So I thought about buying it online, and it was like $20. Hell to the no!

But I was intrigued. So in part of my holiday shopping this evening, I needed to stop at Borders. I give books as gifts. You all need to become as smart as me. So expect a book. Or a lump of coal. (Rich)

So I decided to check out said book. And you know what? It’s a bunch of hooey! Yeah, I said it. Hooey! HOO-EEY!

Apparently there are lots of idiot bloggers out there. I mean, since I joined WordPress over a month ago, they’ve added over 20,000 blogs. TWENTY THOUSAND! And apparently, some of them write like about what they did during the day. Like a timeline. Of uninteresting stuff. And Ms. Maggie Mason apparently takes issue with this.

If you’re a good writer, which is why most people start blogging, it’s a great way to express yourself using the written word. And if you’re good at it, people will read about anything. Seriously. Like a rant about a book about blogging. Like I’m talking about here. Don’t believe me? Check out this. (I actually encourage you to check out her blog often. I like it. I like it a lot.) (And that piece of dryer lint? So looks like my kitty.)

I appreciated some of the things I saw in the book, but most were just common sense. I mean, draw back on your childhood. Write about your kids/nieces/nephews/neighbors. Ask questions of your audience. All good ideas. And a good blogger should probably have some of these things in mind when they start writing. Or not. It’s your blog, do the hell what you want with it. If you want to write about your lunch? Do it! If you want to write a timeline of your most utterly boring day? Do it! If you want to wax poetically about your cheese omelet? DO IT! I would hope that every blogger started their blog for themselves. Who cares what other people think about what you write? Fuck ’em!

And mostly, I’m just a jealous bitch and wish I was smart enough to write a book like that and charge TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS for it.

Instead, you get to hear me rant. And tell you tomorrow I will be having a samich for lunch. Stay tuned!



  1. I hope I don’t seem like a stalker since I keep commenting first. It’s just that I check bloglines early in the morning! And I’m an hour ahead so I have a jumpstart of sorts, right?

    Anyway, have you seen this blog? It’s awesome. Noone else should aim for that level of dullness, though.

    As for giving books for Christmas, it sucks bc I work at a bookstore and get a week where I get 40% off of them all! But if I give everyone a book for Christmas they’ll just think I’m cheap=/

  2. God no, I don’t think you’re a stalker! I love that you read every day. Now if you showed up at my house, we’d have to have a little chat.

    Hmmm…..I wonder if I could get a discount and give everyone mulch for gifts?

  3. KJ! so i finally got around to reading your lovely blog. i love maggie mason! have you seen also by her. this girl is queen of making money off ideas the rest of us are too slow to implement. damn. someday we’ll be independently weathly off the internet… i just know it.

  4. As a facilitator, I think y’all’s blog friendship is cute. 🙂

    Yeah, I have to give it up to whoever’s making money off that book. My own rules as to what to write about are: Do I find this interesting? Would other people find this interesting? If not, how much do I care? Also, would this potentially lose me friends in the present or future (because you never fucking know who’s reading). If so, am I OK with that?

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