Posted by: kristabella | December 3, 2006

Spam. A Lot.

I woke up this morning to an e-mail/text from

I am pretty sure I don’t know who this person is. And I’m pretty sure he meant to send it to someone else. I have only had this cell number for less than a year. So maybe he was sending it to the person who previously had this number.

I seriously have been racking my brain. I know one Sam. He’s one of our sales guys. Therefore, probably isn’t working at Resort Quick Sale. And is an older dude, so wouldn’t be sending me an e-mail/text at 3 AM. Especially since he lives on the East Coast. Although, he is a morning person, but that is early for anyone. On a Sunday.

And then I thought further and to send an e-mail to a cell phone, it’s usually the number@carrier. So you’d have to know what my carrier is. Who the hell knows that? I mean, on the off chance I gave my cell phone number out drunkenly to someone in a bar (shocking! I know! Who would do such a thing??) (OK, fine! I do it! Far too often!) how would said person know my cell phone provider? And how would you know what the e-mail address is? I mean you could guess, I suppose. Or maybe my new friend Sammy is on the same network as me. Hmmm…..

It’s weird regardless. So instead of spending more time thinking and writing about it, I’m going to show a photo of my cat. In the laundry basket. Which is in the closet. With my shoes.



Yes, I have a lot of shoes!



  1. My quick googling didn’t show anything suspicious.

    Very odd.

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