Posted by: kristabella | December 1, 2006

Snow Day!

The weather outside is frightful. And I don’t have to go to the office, which is so delightful.

We got hit with a huge winter storm in the wee hours of the night/morning, so I was not about to brave the roads and trek my ass up to the Northern suburbs.

Which is a very good thing. Because we got a lot less snow here in the city than they did up north. I got up with all plans to drive up there. Until I turned on the TV and they showed me how bad it was. And that Lake County officials couldn’t keep up with the snow with every plow and salt truck on the road, so they told people to please stay off the roads. And I’m more than happy to oblige.

So working from home it is. And by working, I mean e-mailing, doing Christmas shopping online and watching the Game Show Network. (30 minutes until The Match Game!) But I do appreciate the fact that my boss told me yesterday to bring work home with me so that I had stuff to do today. From home. It’s cool that he realizes how unsafe it is for all of us to be on the road. So kudos to him! This once.

I’m also glad I didn’t have to go in because, well, I didn’t get home until quite late last night. Because I was out with DD. (yeeeeeeee!) I left the burbs at midnight. And normally, it would have taken about 35 minutes to get home. But it had already started to rain/sleet/snow. And it was slippery. And really windy. So at 40 MPH, it takes about an hour. And then I had to find parking.

And DD, being the gentleman that he is, asked me to call him when I got home so that he knew I got home OK. And we ended up talking until 2 AM. So, I was a little tired this morning.

Before I met DD out last night, I had dinner with some of the ladies from work at this Italian place. It had great food. And the owner was this little, old Italian man. Stereotypical accent and everything. He was great entertainment! He had us laughing all through dinner. Nick the Loverboy. (Apparently his last name sounds like Loverboy, or something, so he kept telling the table full of ladies to call him Loverboy. And we were highly entertained, so we obliged.) (I can’t believe I have used the word obliged twice in the same post.)

One of the women left right after dinner (she’s got a little one at home), but the other two ladies stuck around to meet DD. Since they hear me talk about him. All the time. So when I was on the phone with DD, telling him where to meet us, Loverboy was very curious if I was talking to my boyfriend. I think I blushed and said “I wish!” And Loverboy was all “you don’t wanna him. You-a-wanna me!”

And then DD walked in. In all his 6-5, tanned, gorgeous, yummy loveliness. And if you could have seen Loverboy’s face. I mean, jaw dropped. To the floor. It was hilarious. DD is just that good looking. Pictures don’t do him justice. I mean, he looks good in photos, but I tell ya. He just has this presence when he walks in the room.

Anyway…I had a really, really nice time last night. We went out to a bar and watched the Bengals/Ravens game and just drank beer and chatted. It was probably the first time we’ve ever been able to just sit and talk, just the two of us, mostly sober, without other work people around. And we talked for like 4 hours. We talked about all kinds of stuff. Office gossip. The people we both don’t like. How he got the job. How I only remember when he came in for an interview because he was tall and good looking from the back. It was all very flirty and just a great time.

OH! And! I may not have to even worry about it anymore. Know why? Because consulting jobby place? Wants to bring me in for a second interview next Friday. To meet Mr. Headhoncho from Seattle. Because they REALLY liked me (or so they told the recruiter lady) and this guy has to have the sign off on new hires!

So I? Could totally have a new job soon!

Deem Schmeem! Let’s go sledding!


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