Posted by: kristabella | November 27, 2006

Aye, Mi Cabeza!

This story dates back to 1996-97, during my sophomore year at ASU. And I really hope it translates as well on “paper” as it does when I tell it. If not, just ask me to tell it next time I see you.

Sometime in the spring, before I headed back to IL for the summer, I decided to get my car washed. A new car wash, one of those full-service ones that cleans the inside and outside, had just opened near my apartment. The lovely Sun River on Baseline.

It was a beautiful day outside, so I was driving with both windows down. One of those awesome spring days in AZ. I pulled into the car wash and the dude wrote down my “order” and what package I wanted done for my car. (Free air freshener? Sweet!) So, as I was about to get out, I figured I should probably roll up the windows, since I didn’t want the inside of my car washed. (Just vacuumed) No one likes to sit on a wet car seat. Anyone who has left their window cracked during a downpour knows the unpleasantness of this.

So I turn to my console on the driver’s side door to roll up the windows. They are of the power-window kind. So I’m pushing the buttons “up.” The driver’s side window goes up fine. But I keep holding down the passenger one, staring at the button, waiting to hear that “pop” of the window shutting, the suction of the glass going into the frame of the door. And I’m not hearing it. So I keep looking at the button. Jamming it up. Holding it down. Wondering what the fuck is going on and why won’t my window go up and this totally blows because I have no money and really don’t want to go get it fixed and God dammit I wanted my car washed. Woe. Is. Me.

At this point, in complete frustration, I FINALLY decide to look over at the window to see what the fuck the deal is. Seriously, why the hell isn’t it going up?

As I turn to look at the window, I see the head of the Mexican car wash worker. Just his head. Why? Because it is STUCK in my window! He’s being lifted off the ground by his temples as I keep shutting the window. On his HEAD! Holy Fucking Christ! This Can. NOT. be. happening! And maybe I should stop pushing the button. Closing the window. On his HEAD!

(And he was short. So I’m pretty sure his feet were dangling in the air. Outside my car. As he just hung there. Dangling. Silent. His head JAMMED sideways in my car window. As I continued to push the button. UP! NOT down! Which would have removed his head. From being stuck. In my WINDOW!)

So in complete shock, mostly because he didn’t say ANYTHING. Nothing. I mean, it didn’t even have to be in English! Any noise would have stopped me! I finally roll down the window. Mumbling apologies. Face redder than a third-degree sunburn. And I unlock the door, since that was the reason he was leaning in my window in the first place. To unlock my doors. To get in. So he could vacuum. To do his job. Which I impeded him of doing. By shutting his HEAD. In my WINDOW!

Needless to say, I never went back to that car wash. And tipped very well.



  1. LOL…this story may be best in person, but it does translate well via blog, too. Remembering this story, always makes me laugh!

  2. Definitely written well….I laughed reading it & I’ve HEARD the story more than once. It never fails to crack me up…and bring a visual to my mind that won’t go away!

  3. I am currently sitting in my office, in Arizona, laughing my ass off, crying…seriously, tears are rolling down my cheeks…and my boss is asking me if I fininshed the project he gave me. OOPS!At least he has a sense of humor…he just read the blog and is crying too:)

  4. your life should be a tv show

  5. I’m so happy to entertain! Chundley, glad the boss liked it! Do I have a new reader on our hands? 🙂

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