Posted by: kristabella | November 27, 2006

1 + 1 = Shitcanned

Hallelujah, my prayers have been answered!

Today (well last night actually), Dirk Koetter was fired. (Heeeheee, after the football banquet. At least he got his last meal in.) He is no longer the head coach of Arizona State University.

And we beat U of A on Saturday! Gave them a nice ass whooping! Things are all right in the Sun Devil sports world. (The men’s hoops team actually beat Iowa on Saturday too, so really, not too shabby in the Land of Sparky)

In fact, I’m quite proud of my Alma Mater. Our new AD bit the bullet and decided that it was BETTER for the University to eat $2.8 million, than to retain Jackass McGee as head coach.

Lisa Love is a smart, smart woman.

With sites like this, there was no saving face. He needed to go. Love realized that keeping Koetter and the revenue lost from the loss of season ticket renewals, the lack of gifts, etc. that came with it was MORE than eating the $2.8 million left owed to him.

I fully agree and admire her cojones for doing it and not letting us accept mediocrity. I hate being mediocre more than I hate U of A.

Apparently all Koetter thought he needed to do was beat U of A every year and he was golden. While, I admit, it’s a good thing. But his 2-19 record against Top 25 teams and, even worse, his 0-12 record vs. California teams (dude, Stanford is one of these teams. STANFORD. How could you not beat Stanford just ONCE in four years. Gee-zus!), was too much to let slide.

So kudos to Lisa Love and ASU! And here’s to hoping we land the Herb Sendek of the football world. I hear Steve Mariucci is available. Maybe Dennis Erickson? Lou Holtz perhaps?


He’s Ouuuuut!



  1. F those retreads! Give someone young and deserving an opportunity.

    What’s so special about Herb Sendek? He went to ASU because he was sick of the speculation about his job at NC State EVERY year. Which was funny because NC State thinks they matter. But NC State’s record in the NCAAs during his tenure was approximately that of Notre Dame’s record against football teams with winning records. Although I guess at least they made the NCAAs, which would be an upgrade for ASU hoops.

    Actually, I kinda hope they would hire Lou Holtz because our sites would probably declare war on each other and it would be hilarious.

  2. I think Herb Sendek is a good coach. And he works well with players. AND, for once, we may keep our guys out of jail or off probation. Because he’s going to bring in quality people AND players. And he knows how to recruit.

    So shut it because it’s about time I’m excited about ASU basketball. I really think he’s going to succeed. And so do A LOT of people across the country. And more importantly, us alums. And that’s what matters. We’ll suck this year, but we’re on the way up.

    And ASU isn’t going to go young with their new coach. They tried that with Dirk. And that failed miserably. Love already said she wants a proven winner. And I agree. I don’t think he needs to be 70, but he needs to be experienced. Way more experience than Boise State. That’s for damn sure!

  3. DING DONT THE WITCH IS DEAD…not really but you get where I’m going with it!!
    I’m just glad we could have our cake and eat it too, that is, kill the kitties AND ditch dirky boy!

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