Posted by: kristabella | November 12, 2006

DEEMed Unnecessary

When I thought of working Deem into a title, it made me giggle. Still does. The other option was no reDEEMing qualities.

So I’m back in Chicago. And it is REALLY good to be back. I swear, it feels like my internal clock is all screwed up, and it’s not from the one-hour time difference between here and Orlando. This trip was just like Groundhog’s Day. (Side note, my new Canuck friend shoots groundhogs) (And then I asked him if he notices their shadows before he shoots.) Every day really ran together and I still am not sure what day it is. Good thing football = Sunday, otherwise I might not show up for work tomorrow. Not that I want to.

The trip was good, though. The meeting was a success. Everyone involved got a lot out of it, so it was worth the $200,000+ we spent on the meeting. And I got to meet some, um, interesting people. Meetings like this make me actually like my job. But I know tomorrow, it’s not going to be as fun. I like the people I work with, I just wish I had things to do, besides stuff binders and make copies. Oh, and mail stuff. I’m AWESOME at that.

I was doing some thinking on the plane ride home. (Actually, I pretty much passed out and may have drooled on myself) DD and another guy headed out after dinner on Wenesday night for some more drinking. I ran into them as I was heading in for the night. EARLY. And I was a little pissed that they didn’t invite me over. Why was I pissed? I mean, I felt like dogshit and tried ALL night to rally, but my second wind never came. And on top of it, I was so starting to get sick and needed the rest. (hindsight = good idea) I think part of me is a three-year old kid. (not news) Because I HATE to miss out on anything. I think that’s why I’m always one of the last ones out. I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. Who fucking cares? What the hell am I going to miss? Guys offering to lick my leg? No, just a bunch of drunks drinking. A lot.

I did have more fun on this trip than I thought I would and got to hang out with the Cubs groundskeeper, who is a big fan of the KJ. I have an open invitation (as long as there are blue skies) to call him on game days and get on the field, no matter how drunk I am. (And he’s seen me pretty sloshed) And he pushed my boss to invite me to the groundskeepers symposium in San Antonio in January. And it was FUN last year.

So no more partying.

Until I leave Thursday night for Arizona!



    We are SO calling the Cubs groundskeeper the next time I am in CHI-Town!!

  2. Boo YAH! We’re going to tear it up, ya’ll!

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