Posted by: kristabella | November 8, 2006

A Woman Among Boys

Thank God that I am only here one more day. I am seriously way too old to be drinking like this every night! And man, can these boys drinks!

I’m seriously one of maybe 5 women here. And you’d be pretty sure that most of the guys from this new company we bought had never seen a women before in their lives. I’ve already been hit on by so many creepy men, I should be good for years.

It all started Monday night when all these new franchisees came into town. And the drinking. LOTS of drinking. Drink me under the table, that’s for sure. But I try my best to keep up. I am NOT a quitter!

So this company is an aeration company. I’ll spare you all the juicy boring details. Let’s just say these guys work outside all day and very much have a contractor mentality. And by no means is my company a bunch of stuffy suity types. I mean there are a few, but we’re a fun group.

These new guys are really rough around the edges. Which will change soon since my company spent way too much money on this acquisition to be having these guys getting kicked off the field at Fenway Park on a job.

ANYway…these guys sure took a liking to ol’ KJ. They wanted to ride the K Train. Real bad. The one, who made me almost vomit, was this old, dirty man. With a daughter my age. He was all up in my personal space. And DD, standing right next to me, didn’t even attempt to save me. He found it way to entertaining. (Asshole!)

So we started talking about my tattoo, as usually happens when I’m drunk. It’s either my tat or my tits. (I hate that word, but it worked here.) So this Canada dude (AKA the Canuck), starts to run his hands up and down my legs NUMEROUS times, letting me know how smooth they were. This, I didn’t mind too much. He’s pretty cute and single. And talks funny, eh?

But then later in the night, creepy old dude yells out to me on my way to the bathroom “Hey KJ, can I lick your leg?”


(Insert long pause)

Now, I’ve worked with men and in sports for my entire adult life. I’m used to this. Sadly, I probably let a lot slide because I’ve got thick skin about it. So it takes a lot to get me uncomfortable. That? Totally did. So I mentioned it to one of the VPs and he’s going to give him a talking to. And VP protected me last night in the bar when the dirty, old man wanted to check out the tat. He was a good buffer.

Last night, all our distributors came in and it was SOME party. So we hung out in the bar until the wee hours of the morning.

But I think I’m starting to get sick again, so tonight should bring my ass into bed at 10. But who are we kidding? I never turn down free booze!

And the best part (and by best, I mean sucky) of this here trip. Remember all this I went on and on about? They fucking broke. This morning. The day of our demos. Outside. In the sun. All morning.


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